July 2, 2016

There is nothing better than to gather after a hard working week with friends for a pint of selected beer. So says many men. Women did not always approve of such gatherings with chips and crackers flavored with any chemistry. Another thing – the beer party with homemade snacks! Such a company will gladly support you and the girls. Especially when you can show your culinary skills in something new and surprise your sweetheart, friends and prepare for all the snacks to the beer house with his own hands. Such a treat will bring less harm, but will take a lot of pleasure.

Small snacks

Crackers, chips, nuts, dried squid and fish sticks from the store, snacks for beer, photos of which beckon us with billboards. But all that a good hostess would not recommend that to the table. Beer party at home is a great opportunity to prepare snacks for their loved ones from proven products in the home. For example, crunches. They are prepared very quickly and easily and are incredibly tasty.

Take the slice of bread and cut into cubes. Pour into a pan without oil. Add salt, pepper and fry on maximum heat. At the same time, be sure to stir so they don’t burn. When the croutons will become slightly Golden crust, put them aside. Add shredded on a grater or a knife a clove of garlic. Close the lid and shake, as if tossing the contents of the pan. Return to low heat for 1 minute. Do not forget all the time to stir. Serve the crackers on the snack platter with cheese, diced. You can take several varieties. For example, hard cheese and melted in the jar in order to dip the crackers. For this purpose, ideal for cheese fondue. In addition, you may submit a straw. It blends perfectly with melted cheese.

Bavarian snacks

Traditionally, in all the German pubs for beer serves different types of hot dogs and sausages. Of course, what to cook them yourself is a bit problematic. So it is better to buy at the store. But the sauces to a Bavarian snacks you can make with your own hands.

Sauce No. 1. Take the ketchup or tomato paste. Finely chop the parsley and stir it together with red dressing, adding a little water. But to keep the consistency of the sauce. Add salt, pepper and drop a pinch of sugar. You can also cut a few small slices of onion onion. Mix well and serve in a gravy boat. In addition to the parsley you can also add cilantro or Basil.

Sauce No. 2. Sour cream and mayonnaise in the proportions 2 to 1 mix and add finely chopped bunch of dill. Send in the sauce, one raw egg and mix well. You can gently walk in a blender. Add also crushed garlic clove. Served also in the gravy boat or small bowl.

Sauce No. 3. This is the best sauce, Bavarian sausages, sausages and sausages. In mustard, add a little honey, a little mayonnaise or sour cream and mix well.

Spicy ribs

Basic and, of course, long-awaited meals at any beer party is the ribs. You can cook pork or other, depending on budget and number of guests. Prime rib is the best beer recipes all kinds of this incredibly delicious snack is the same. For preparation you will need the edges, Tabasco sauce, salt and a little black pepper.

Mix well all the ingredients. Let them rest for about 30 minutes. If time allows, leave the ribs to promarinovatsya for a few hours. Put into the oven for 40 minutes. Don’t forget to follow them to prevent them from burning and do not otherwise they will get.

Serve all snacks on platter decorated with lettuce leaves. Cool you party and enjoy it!

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