Became known the name of the newborn son Marat Basharova

August 3, 2016

Happy father called the son a fancy French name.

At the end of last month, the Marat Basharova son was born. Actor for the second time became a father. His young lover Elizabeth Shevarkov gave the artist the boy. Now mom and baby feel good. The happy parents did not disclose the name of his heir, but journalists portal was able to learn this sensitive information.

As it turned out, Martha did not deviate from its rules, and has named his successor an unusual name Marcel. Many were surprised by the choice of actor, but for his devoted and attentive fans of his act was not a surprise. After all, her daughter Elizabeth Crocco Basharov called Amelie, which as the name Marelli has French roots.

Apparently, the actor is very fond of this European country and has not once visited her. Going whether the actor is back together with a current lover and their first-born not yet known, but it is worth noting that with my daughter Marat had been in France. Today Basharov and Shevarkov not married. The press reported that the actor made an offer of marriage to Elizabeth when she was nine months pregnant. The lovers themselves while about the impending wedding not saying anything.

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