Be yourself. At any cost. Renata Litvinova

January 12, 2017

Renata Litvinova – honest, open, free. Is what it is.

Source of inspiration – talented people. Friendship no time, but there are colleagues and friends. Broad gestures as a way of rejuvenating… Renata Litvinova – honest, open, free. Is what it is.

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UP TO what age did you feel you developed as a person? When formed, the tastes, ideas about own style and behaviour?
Renata Litvinova: after All, I’m a late starter and my main Epiphany came after 33 years, what’s more, I increasingly suffered and was oppressed by his presence, so to speak, in the “material world”, and in the present a period I have a lot of meanings and motivations “for the favorite”, but the material aspect of me is still annoying.

TO: Probably all of the above happens. But it happens when the person thinks: I will behave to appear in such clothes, do some makeup – I wear it well. But on-to another will not – I cannot do that. There are elements of appearance and behavior that you planted yourself?
RL: In youth is everything, especially if lean is the basis, and after forty I sadly belong to molodyascheysya coevals and herself set the limit to be and appear adequate to its age, no mini with a bare wrinkled knees, sheer dresses in the wind, man, hooves instead of shoes and colors.

BEFORE: Sometimes you feel not like everyone else? This unlikeness for you with a plus sign or a minus sign?
RL: Quite arrogant myself to say that I’m “not like everyone else”. I never aspired to the concept of “norms”, moreover, for me it is almost the grave of all dreams, in Everyman there is nothing bad or subversive, but the lack of creativity is just insane… a Creative unit can not.

TO: is it Difficult to be a personality? It seems that around so many people, circumstances that are trying to make the man that he was. Have you experienced it yet?
RL: Only in the distant youth, but I never watched and didn’t press it, I left early to live an independent life, at 17 and a half years, barely enrolling in VGIK, and in our Institute, everyone was eager to individualism. On our screenwriting faculty every week we read his opus and publicly discussed them. The most correct and positive, as a rule, Palomestari, not valued never, their “kick” on these readings, so I was formed in an environment notorious individualists.

Renata Litvinova with her daughter Uliana

TO Know that VGIK many students with its own distinct character break down the arrogance, they say that they – no. And then you need to either break down or rebel. Like Tarkovsky. What was it like for you?
RL: VGIK gently break, not death, that life after VGIK – she broke many cleaned like a skating rink. Some left and name, where are they? Those who died left of them, if not movies, at least the names. In short, individualism has its good. It is necessary to remember itself, and not to betray any price – this is my hard-won answer.

BEFORE: You never had to change myself and to try to seem to be what you are not?
RL: I was never nurtured in the era of Stalinism and I used to impersonate “worse and worse” than I am, and that’s positive of himself never built.

BEFORE: this happens when trying to please someone?
RL: When someone liked me, I wasn’t trying to please, and just seized the man, is straightforward and simple. I am not able to wait-and-see strategies, it always seemed to me that life is very short and I can not make it.

TO: have you noticed that some girls adopt your traits, gestures and mannerisms?
RL: that’s what happens when trying to find your style, it’s not judging.

TO Repeatedly hear said about you “strange”. And you find strange?
RL: I can’t fly off himself and becoming “nonstrange”, to reveal themselves as outside, all-all strange.

TO: When the person thinks he’s a freak, it is rather good or bad? From the word negative blows or, on the contrary, positive?
RL: different, there is Atlantico and domestic-strange, getmanski and artificially simulating the weirdness there is in this falsity.

BEFORE: As you think, and you change with age?
RL: apparently, of course, decaying shell, but inside still the same. All the hopes for love in the only sense of this rather pointless life.

TO: you Look amazing, and it’s not my adulation, speak honestly from the heart. But I want to ask you – and as the author of the film “No death for me”, and as a woman: how do you understand this expression – “beautiful aging”?
RL: Visually it is easy to formulate – how beautiful to grow old is to be fed and not oldisleben “dumpling”, but still lean and with dignity. Still remain adequate and working unit to have their job, their life’s meaning. For someone to live someone and be interested in something besides themselves and their offspring. I always turn away consumers. In adulthood, it is necessary to give. The space replaces the person’s age, with nothing to carry off. I am opposed to material savings, I – for the unimaginable sacrifices, gestures and embezzlement in the name of beautiful ideas and lovely people.

TO the video, L’oreal Paris, which became, you say, “Revitalift Full Recovery” is not just a moisturizer. What is the fountain of youth. But you still need to – go to feel younger? Maybe love? Communication with certain people? Maybe a specific movie-books-music?

RL: Everything inspires me, I can’t sleep without reading some text, so the beauty for me – a set and the outer shell, which should take care of, and inner peace. Can’t be bias towards training the body and the degradation of women as individuals. We should always be on the lookout is in some sense eternal work, but who said that people should here in this life, to rest?

TO: how L’oreal Paris you have offered cooperation?
RL: It was like a fairy tale, because I am a child of the Soviet Union, when all the magic bottles of L’oreal was the magical elixir of beauty, and suddenly I was in this family. I feel very responsible for this appointment, here almost every day rubbing all of these favorite cream, except that from morning to evening rehearsing in the theater now play Agatha Christie’s “Witness for the prosecution”.

TO: I Read somewhere that Rustam Khamdamov told you to lean his forehead against the wall, if you do not receive the desired idea or solution. How often do follow this advice?
RL: It’s more of a ritual than a method of invoking thought. Someone proslosti not prislonyat to the wall, all empty.

TO: HAVE you ever had a creative failure? For example, I started to write the script, but I failed and you abandoned the idea?
RL: Without failures there are no successes. My luck continued failures. Just good luck it should take a time when minus becomes a plus.

TO: As the writer, agree to alter written?
RL: it’s Very easy, especially when itself producing no budget, easily rewrite the scene, and I want to emphasize, it turns out even more precisely.

TO: you HAVE words and expressions that you can’t stand?
RL: after All, when a lot and loudly, as if in a forest, say – I don’t like chatty, especially on the phone, very annoying. Should they be abolished from life. I always put the phone on silent mode and miss the pagers and telephone booths. But much talking on the phone the man is a sheer annoyance.

TO Read that you patented your name as a trademark. And how to use it now? What profit?
RL: Patented, to others it is not used, there are such cases. The state in the legal aspect of copyright protection is not quite perfect.

TO: You all are familiar in business? Understand how to invest the money than to make money?
RL: I still only invest, for example, in his film “the Last tale Rita”, his earned fees. Such gestures “to spend all the money” really rejuvenate me, there is an incentive to start with a clean slate, as once after School when it pockets the ball rolled.

TO But movie you ever considered as a business?
RL: the Movie on our site always for me it was art and altruism.

TO: You know how to bargain?
RL: About the money always speak with respect. Money is always someone’s blood.

TO Feel uncomfortable when discussing, for example, the fee?
RL: Earlier about awkwardness was, not now. If no time, effort to discuss fees, ask the agent.

TO: your scripts often encroach Directors and producers?
RL: Now I have no one to sell their texts. Sorry. Itself will be removed. Scripting is always a problem, so I’m not scattered developments.

TO: do you feel that in the community the importance of talent and to what degree?
RL: more important than Talent. There is a lack of talent with ties, so what? But there are talents without ties. Important character and talent.

BEFORE: You could say that communication with “right” and “right” people helped you realize in the movie? There are people without whom you, being a talented person, would write to the table?
RL: It would be nice if I wrote in the table and sprayed itself to people with connections. I got a little distracted. It is necessary to accumulate yourself to make a breakthrough.

TO: You appeared in a cameo role in the movie Nicholas Khomeriki “Heart’s boomerang”, he starred in “the Last tale of Rita.” Difficult to work with friends?
RL: I don’t Have time to make friends, I have associates and favorite.

TO: how do you cooperate with Zemfira? It seems that you are very different people, polar people by nature. You – soft and gentle, always hard and noisy. How do you find a common language?
RL: She’s a great professional and a perfectionist in his work, he indispensable ally.

TO Film critic Cyril Razlogov has described “the Last tale Rita” as “rabid aestheticism”. An unusual characteristic. What do you say?
RL: Just “thank you” to him.

TO: I understand that the script you wanted to film for a long time, already 15 years ago. What was the problem? Why not make it sooner?
RL: If I wanted to before, would be removed. And it’s not the script that was 15 years ago, there’s a couple episodes out, but then was a time of intense reality, now I am out of it finally dropped out and form your own. So all the time.

TO What you value the name Rita?
RL: the Secret. I have the right not to confess?

TO: TO what extent do you make movies for the audience and for myself?
RL: still first for yourself, how do I know I need the viewer, I am your audience. If it does – this is a separate happiness.

TO: is it True that you offered to teach at VGIK, and you disagreed?
RL: once the Arabs offered to take the scenario workshop, but then I postponed it for retirement, too much work yet.

TO: do you See new trends in Russian cinema?
RL: There are a handful of madmen who are trying to remove a great movie, but the place of Kira Muratova and Alexei German is still vacant. Geniuses there.

TO: what do you think about the new generation of filmmakers in our film, the so-called new wave?
RL: I relate well to all talented people. I get inspired by them.

TO: Valeria Gai Germanika you like? Familiar with it?
RL: No, not familiar, just saw the film “All will die, and I will remain.”

TO You now that still more pleasure: to review old movies, Soviet, world masterpieces or watch new?
RL: I like everything. The old revise-reread – life is not enough. So I am a pure victim of the cinema, buy movie tickets… Here’s morepeter performance at the Moscow art Theater, release premiere, then the movie, and begin to live the life of a “victim of cinema”: ‘ll all see, review missed. This is a separate happiness – watch movies.

TO: Wonder a man like you, dismissed when someone from the crew?
RL: Yes. As incompetent.

UP AND here the news everywhere write that you its editor beaten. It’s kind of an exaggeration… Or not?
RL: I myself in one transmission told how few professionals in the film industry and that one of the endless succession of editors has brought me that I wanted to kill, but he immediately jumped from his chair and retreated. It would be necessary to expel from the profession, which he owned, but he was very agile and ran to “save” your shell, so rather limited to statements about his incompetent. And how could I beat the big guy?

TO: BY the way… when was the last time you hit a man in the face? And for what?
RL: I never hit a man in the face. This is a direct disgrace of some kind. Sometimes fighting, running after the man in anger, pushing him, yelling, but it gives me no pleasure to beat someone.

TO daughter at least once hand raised?
RL: Children generally like to beat? They’re weaker physically, and call not to offend… Today I’ll ask her if she remembered my punishment?

TO What, even in the corner did not put? Not deprived of pocket money, trips to the zoo, puppet?
RL: Daughter is now 10 years old, pocket money she is asking for, and I never asked my mom. In the corner I do not put – this is something humiliating for all. I get upset if there are problems, and expressed, sometimes dramatically can, but I still always pulled out on support.
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