Barbie is pregnant! A woman poses for kids dolls “in position”

December 5, 2016

She wants the children were educated, and uses Barbie dolls to tell about the pregnancy, bearing children and breastfeeding.

Life does not stand still: it’s been a thin Barbie doll, a fan of elegant dresses and walks with Ken, pregnant. An ordinary mother from Brisbane decided that the world’s favorite doll is the best to talk to children about such natural processes as pregnancy, gestation, birth, and breastfeeding.

Painting, and “completion” of dolls was first for Betty Strachan a hobby. But now it has become a successful business: order and buy such a Barbie on the Internet. A mother of two children, she said that the decision to create pregnant and breastfeeding dolls did not come immediately.

“I once painted a Barbie a new face and it seemed to me just the epitome of motherhood. It inspired me,” says Betty.

She called them “Mom Barbie” and posted a photo in Instagram. Orders poured in. Over time, she realized that the doll “in position” is actually in demand. Now customers can choose the color of the skin, hair and eyes, and other parts of the doll: for example, freckles or moles.

“To educate children through play is a way to erase some stigma from things that society considers unacceptable”, says Betty Strachan.

Source: Anna Stachura

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