Bald men – smart, successful and courageous. Proven by scientists

February 1, 2017

If a man is afraid to lose your hair, let them get acquainted with the latest research results.

Women perceive bald men as more successful, compared with owners of lush hair. To such conclusion the American scientist albert E. Mannes (surprise: he’s bald!).

The participants of his experiment showed some pictures of men. At first they were with a full head of hair, and the second – bald. Most felt that without hair men look more attractive. How to explain this?

“Of course, just shaving the head does not make a person successful, but it already gives out a signal that he do something serious and active”, – says entrepreneur Seth Godin (Yes, he is also bald).

As a rule, bald men over owners of lush hair, so women think they are smarter and more experienced.

But there is one caveat: it does not work, if a man is bald only partially and shows bald spots on his head. It is perceived as a sign of weakness and indecision. Really: get a razor and be done with it.

Source: Anna Stachura

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