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August 30, 2016

How to plan a budget for the purchase to the beginning of the school year and not to spend more?

You probably have heard this advice: if you have significant costs, start with budget planning. And almost certainly you have never done anything like that, just because the task seemed too complicated and you don’t know where to start. If you have a family has a child, a student, before the beginning of the school year you will face significant expenses. We will talk about how to plan a budget to minimize expenses and not to spend too much.

Try to break the budget in a few easy steps.

1. To start, determine the amount you can spend (be realistic), and try not to go beyond it.

2. Then make a list of what to buy: school uniform and uniform for physical education lessons, shoes, stationery, study materials, etc. Ask for a sample list of all neobhodimom in school or from more experienced moms – it makes it easier to navigate, especially if the child goes to first grade or transferring into a new school. You can make a list in an Excel table or directly on the phone so it was handy.

3. Place your order at the children’s closet. And after that, make a list of everything you already have. You bought sneakers for physical education in late spring? This means that they can do. After last year, I left new pens, notebooks, erasers? Make a note in the list – it makes no sense to re-buy something you already have.

4. Before buying the form, once again verify the details of the dress code. In some schools, the rules change from year to year, and thus you will avoid wasting. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to buy all the clothes in the beginning of the year. For example, in September it is possible to buy one set of school and sports uniforms, and everything else to be purchased as needed. First, this approach makes it easier to evaluate what a child needs. Secondly, children grow quickly, and you can, if you need to buy things bigger.

5. Don’t miss the discount. Before the beginning of the school year, many stores have special offers for students, discounts can reach 20-30%, which is significant savings. In addition, use all the bonuses. For example, if you are a holder of a premium Visa card*, you will be able all year round to count on privileges in many stores. Among them, the network Guys, KidsAvenue, restless city, and a full list of current offers can be viewed at the link

6. Talk to other parents: you may be able to unite and to purchase stationery and textbooks for all at a better price. In this case, you will be able to save money.

7. Compare prices. Once you have decided on the shopping list, find a few hours to check on the Internet offer different stores. At this stage it is helpful to talk with friends and parents of your child’s classmates about where and what they were able to find at competitive prices. If your child is a senior, it is also possible to connect to search and compare prices and even leave some separate purchases

8. Pay with credit card. Buying clothes in stores for student, prefer card rather than cash. In this case, you can count on bonuses, and in some cases cashback (that is, the portion of the amount spent will come back to your account).

9. Plan pocket expenses of the child. This is another important expense item that you are coming and which you should not forget that in the beginning of the school year. In order to decide was easier, answer a few questions. What amount are you prepared to give the student and how often? Some people prefer to give the child a small amount every day, some do it once a week or once a month to the student gradually learned to plan costs.
Cash or credit? Think about what will be easier – give the child cash or make it to a Bank card? Not everyone knows that Russian banks an additional card to your account parents can access child with 7 years. Many banks have special children’s cards for children and young people. For example, a map Junior PJSC “Bank”, the map for the youth of the Next JSC “Alfa-Bank”. PJSC “Sberbank” offers to open an additional card for a child. These products offer not only the special design and special filling for special sets of information and educational materials, games, etc., as well as increased security measures when using the card.

* The operator of the payment system LLC “Payment system “Visa” payment clearing center of JSC “nspc”.

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