As age beauties: Monica Bellucci

July 1, 2016

Italian diva Monica Bellucci — a real standard of beauty for many. Perfect look Monica,of course, change with the years, but the actress continues to stay incredibly attractive. How does she do it? We decided to trace all the changes in the appearance of the beloved star.

90 years

Young Monica began her career as a model. And she did the job perfectly! The photo of the 90s, the future star always looked very expressive.

Even in his youth Bellucci was not a fan of experiments with appearance: she never loved bright makeup and not radically changed hairstyle. But why all this woman with such a rare beauty?

Early 2000s

Her feminine figure, Monika can be proud of. Such risky leather skirt not everyone is fit!

In the movie “Malena” Monica played the role of a girl beauty played a cruel joke… And how good she was in this movie!

High ponytail is one of the sexiest women’s hairstyles according to men. But Monica Bellucci he especially goes. Please note that the star of almost not wearing makeup and her eyebrows look just perfectly.

Straight shiny hair is the calling card of Monica. Of makeup she prefers feathered black pencil. Girls with brown eyes — take note.

Another classic hairstyle that is often Monica Bellucci — the low beam and the hair separated parted in the middle.

Bangs also is the star, from time to time Monica wears it. Perhaps it’s the bold beauty of the act which the star decided to his life.

With age, Monica Bellucci is the beginning of more to highlight the eye — and it’s absolutely right because, like it or not, and the facial features over time need to “refresh”.

The lipstick is Rouge Dior red color and the image of the femme fatale.

Monica Bellucci is stable not only in terms of hairstyles and make-up. The actress loves feminine dresses with off the shoulder and always emphasizes the neckline.

In our days

But the sun is not very suitable sultry Italian. It seems to us that the dark skin tone makes Monica visually older. She is one of those, who better to hide from the sun!

Judging by the photos of Monica Bellucci, the actress is not too interested in cosmetology. In this photo, the star is just 47 years. It seems to us that its possibilities can look even better!

But on the cover of Vanity Fair a year later Monica was just perfect. After all retouching has not been canceled…

However, during its release at the festival in 2014, the actress looked like a Queen. Hair and outfit from Dolce & Gabbana are doing their job!

Monica Bellucci is able to be feminine in everything, and it’s not in a dress or long hair, it’s look and grace.

Monica for many years — the main Muse of the brand Dolce & Gabbana. It advertises and clothes, and cosmetics.

In this photo, our favorite 50 years! For her age she looks great, but we would still advise to visit a beautician: biorevitalization and mesotherapy can work wonders.

So Monica Bellucci looks today, at the age of 51. Bravissimo! Materials

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