Antilegal: in some cases, exercises for intimate muscles can hurt?

August 24, 2016

On the women’s forums and websites, you can find a lot of information about the so-called Kegel exercises – the technique of inflating the muscles of the perineum. Is it safe to use this gym? Says Anna Vladimirova, doctor, founder of the School healing the practitioner of Wu Ming Dao the teacher of the female Taoist practices.

Anna Vladimirova, doctor, founder of the School healing the practitioner of Wu Ming Dao

Kegel exercises are designed to inflate the muscles of the vagina, and in some cases they can be really helpful and some dangerous.


This is a situation when experimenting with kegels is not recommended.

If you dream about the baby…

If you are thinking about how to improve sexual sensations with kegels, first ask yourself the question: are you ever in the near or distant future – to have a child?

If so, these exercises are very, very not shown. You have seen men, say, with a strongly inflated back? Remember: they have flexibility? In a large percentage of cases is not very well: the fact that pumped muscle are not only increasing in volume but also lose their elasticity. Professional athletes who are familiar with the anatomy, paying attention not only to swing iron, but stretching to compensate the hypertonicity of the muscles and to maintain flexibility.

To pump up the muscles of the pelvis can be quickly, but stretching this region does not exist. And if you suddenly remembered about the twine, I hasten to disappoint: in this case, stretch the muscles and ligaments surrounding the hip joints, perineum is not involved in the process. The only thing that can stretch strained muscles of the vagina, is a special massage that you need to do after each exercise (and a few of their girls is practicing).

As you may have guessed elasticity of the perineal muscles can play havoc during childbirth: the child will be difficult to cut through this area, and hence a woman in labor and the baby could get hurt.

If you have an inflammatory disease…

Inflammatory diseases in the vagina and dysbiosis (which is called “thrush”) develops, usually on the background of poor blood supply to genital organs. Stagnation of blood flow in the pelvic area most commonly associated with insufficient blood flow from this region: the arterial blood flowing through the vessels under pressure from the heart, but the outflow of venous blood against gravity and the pressure on the upward movement is much lower. Worse than the outflow, the worse the flush – this creates ideal conditions for the propagation of pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

What happens when she begins to do kegels? It increases the blood flow to the genitals. However, the venous outflow against the background of these exercises is not improving. Thus, the situation is only getting worse: stagnation in the pelvic area progresses, providing bacteria and viruses more freedom of action.

An alternative to the Kegel exercises, in this case, the Taoist practice, which, on the contrary, increase venous outflow from the problem area and, according to research fgun “the Central scientific research Institute of epidemiology”, allow to cope even with those infections which did not respond to treatment with antibiotics.


And these are examples of conditions in which Kegel exercises can be very useful.

If there is prolapse of the pelvic floor muscles…

Prolapse of the pelvic floor muscles is, roughly speaking, their hyperextension and sagging. This situation may occur after childbirth or simply age, usually after menopause. In this case, Kegel exercises can be very useful. Regular exercise strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor, restoring the correct position of all the female genital organs. However, it should be remembered that with the help of exercises Kegel to pump only the lower third of the vagina – the area that is formed from striated muscle. It’s a muscle that we can cut expertly. The upper 2/3 of the vagina are lined with smooth muscles – muscles that we do not know how to cut at will (like, say, the intestinal wall). This area can be activated using breathing exercises that are being developed within the women’s Taoist practices. However, in this case, these practices should still be familiar with kegels.

If you want thrills…

If a girl feels not very bright pleasure during sex, Kegel exercises can literally revive the groin: first, through the exercise here is attention (and this is half the battle), and, secondly, to awaken dormant buds. However, to overdo the exercises should not be (as mentioned above, it is fraught with difficulties in childbirth and possible inflammatory disease): usually enough weeks to start a new sensations and bring out sexual feelings to a new level. A matter of practice!

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