Anna Netrebko boasted seductive forms in bikini

August 25, 2016

The celebrity rest in Spain with her husband and son and generously shared family photos from vacation. She recently revealed racy photos in a bikini.

Anna Netrebko and her husband Yusif Eyvazov , along with Opera diva son from his first marriage, Thiago moved to Spain to spend the last summer days. Before leaving for warmer climes, the singer informed fans that decided to take a vacation and for some period to forget about singing and devote herself to the family. “And now… everything. The love of… Stop singing! Holidays,” wrote the celebrity.

And yesterday Anne had posted on his page the first spicy picture from vacation, where she is depicted in a bikini. However, the star is photographed on the belt, but it was enough for the universal admiration of fans seductive forms Opera diva. However, several hours later, Netrebko decided to remove this publication without explanation.

However, other photographs of the celebrity in Spain remained in the Network. The singer is with great pleasure that shares the news from his personal life and always shows to subscribers as spending time with family and friends. And this time Anna was generous pictures of my husband and son, who enjoyed the long-awaited together with Netrebko. Because it is due to a busy work schedule rarely indulges relatives these holidays.

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