Ani Lorak renounce Russian citizenship

July 29, 2016

The singer rejected the offer of Russian citizenship.

Ani Lorak already for many years living and working in Russia. She most of the time, a year spent in Moscow and only occasionally flies to his homeland of the Ukraine. However, despite the similar daily life, the artist refused to obtain Russian citizenship. Its official representative has commented on a similar situation.

Ani loves Ukraine and is not going to change citizenship. She has a homeland. You love your wife, and the two politicians argue, good or bad. You will cease to love her? The audience can relate to the artist as they want — it is their right. In the same Peter come 12 thousand people at a concert, they do not question what the artist’s passport. They come to art and the artist”, – said PR-Manager of celebrity Mikhail Uspensky.

It is worth noting that at home to Ani are ambiguous. There are fans that are loyal to her and look forward to her concerts, and there are negatively-minded audience. Citizens of Ukraine tried to revoke the citizenship of lorac, but was unable to collect the required number of signatures.

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