Angel, Dobrynya, Evangelina, and other unusual names of celebrity children

August 3, 2016

The star couple have children, like ordinary mortals. And similarly face the problem of choosing a name for the baby. Just like all the famous parents want to be beautiful, and pithy, and memorable.


daughter Ariadna

Photo: Persona Stars
At the beginning Anastasia wanted to name my daughter after my grandmother – Anna. But then she changed her mind and gave her a rare name – Ariadne. Mom ballerina delighted on behalf of the granddaughter, at home her name is Arisha.

Another, unusual for a simple ear the name chosen for the daughter actress Natalie Gromushkina with her husband. A girl named Ilinoi.

Sergei Zhukov

son angel

Photo: @sezhukov

The former soloist of group “Hands up” was waiting for the birth of his son because he has double-born daughter. The name of the son, he thanked God for the joy, the boy was named angel (angel). In 2014 he had another son, who was given the name Myron.

Nikita Dzhigurda

daughter Eva-Vlad and son Mick-angel Krist

Photo: Persona Stars
Shocking Nikita Dzhigurda made itself felt and fatherhood. From the poet Yana Pavelkovskaya he has two sons named Artem-Dubrovlag and Elijah Maximilian. Married to Marina Anisina those, he had a daughter Eva-Vlad and son Mick-angel Krist. The name Eva means Eva and Vlad-power. The power of the original woman, explained the name of the daughter Anisina. But the boy is so called because he was born on Christmas day (Christmas, Christ) as an angel (Angele). Mick called his mom.


daughter Safina and Mikella

Photo: Persona Stars
Alsou in the name of the eldest daughter secured her maiden name Safina. That idea gave her mother. And the second girl was named Micellas, after a long discussion with her husband Ian Abramov, who originally wanted to call the daughter, Yanina.

Valeria Gai-Germanika

daughter of Severin and Octavia

Photo: Persona Stars /@germanicaislove_official

The Director immediately after the birth of first daughter said the people that called my daughter Octavia just like that, no why. By the way, initially it was planned to give the girl’s name Lucretia or Agrippina, but when I looked at the baby, I realized that she looks just like Octavius.
So when the second daughter was born, which was named Severina, questions about the meaning of the name has not occurred.

Anna Kovalchuk

daughter Zlata and son Dobrynya

photo: @annakovalchuk313 / Persona Stars

Anna Kovalchuk did not go the way of colleagues and gave the children a beautiful old names – gold and Dobrynya. By the way, Dobrynya deserves its name, the boy was born a real hero, weighing in at 4,500!

Svetlana Loboda

daughter Evangelina

Photo: @lobodaofficial

The singer Svetlana Loboda was standing before a choice – to name the baby Sophia or me, was really exciting. Both liked and the choice was extremely difficult. Then helped herself daughter – when mom called her Eva (short for Evangeline), the baby smiled widely.

By the way, the daughter of actress Amalia&Amalia also called me, was really exciting.

Eva Polna

daughter Amalia and Evelyn

Photo: Persona Stars

The singer herself is quite a rare name, and girls were named not corny.

But shocking Sergey Shnurov has turned to the classics, his daughter’s name is Seraphim, and the son of Appolon.

Olga Shelest

daughter Muse and iris

TV presenter Olga Shelest says that the eldest daughter and her husband, music video Director Alekseem Ticinum came up with a very successful. Muse – the inspiration for both parents. By the way, the English friends of the couple call girl music music. The second daughter was named iris, the Greek rainbow.

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