And how we wore it: the worst hairstyles of the past years

November 25, 2016

Ruthless fashion dictates its own rules. Sometimes, looking at the jeans just five years ago, I think: how could I buy them? Same thing with hairstyles. Although there is, perhaps, even more reason to be surprised.

We offer you to recall the most favorite and craziest hairstyles of the past.

Cropped top

Short cropped top and long strands of hair — one of the main trends in hairstyles of the 90-ies. At the hairdresser this haircut proudly called “Aurora”. And at that time seemed to us to be incredibly creative. But believe me, it’s not creative, it’s awful. And nobody goes. Well, maybe, only Joanna Stingray — rock diva, most of those years.

Wet hair

The trend on wet hair obviously came up with the girl who was too lazy to wash my hair. Or she was late and ran out of the house with a wet head. Some very fancy ladies created the effect of wet hair gel. This trend has the right to life, but only in one case: if you went for a walk along the waterfront after a lazy day on the beach.

False tails

First, almost always it is clear that this tail is not yours. It looks unnatural and often different in color from your “native” hair. So, if you still keep this a strange accessory, get rid of it immediately and forget how terrible dream.

Stranded bangs

In school it was called “deliver a Bang”. Bangs was vestigialis thick, long to be able to make a good fleece. Delivered Bang abundantly watered varnish very strong hold so that nothing can destroy this infernal design.

Shaved whiskey

Hi, 2000-e! Boys clip on hair chessboards, spiders, and other vermin. Girls do not lag behind also shave their whiskey, and even the most daring and adorn themselves with ribbons, seals and other girly nonsense. I wonder what happens when the shaved part starts to grow? No, you don’t know.

The thinning

A mandatory bonus of any fashionable in the 90 years of the clipper was cutting out. A special”thinning” scissors master in literally tearing your hair. And no matter what section of hair after the procedure looks pitiful, no volume, and the overall appearance of you — like plucked Sparrow. Against the trends will not trample.

Dyeing feathers

If in the 90s you were at least 15, then you probably did “feathers”. No matter you are blonde or brunette, “feathers” — our all. A roll of aluminum foil, a few colors and voila, you have strands of all the colors of the rainbow. And then it started to grow. But that’s another story.


The volume should be plenty. Very much! Crazy fleece — what could be cooler and sexier, considered the girls, and spent hours comb the hair from the roots to create the effect of “lion’s mane”. Then all this splendor was laid from the forehead to the nape of the neck and abundantly watered hairspray. As they are then combed, better not to know.

Little demon

80s — the heyday of fine chemicals and iron “ripple”. Tongs that look like a soldering iron, there are every fashionista. The temperature controller? Ceramic coating? No, not heard. Those unfortunates who are chemistry in the barbershop can not afford, had to go to the tricks. Half-dried hair divided into strands and braided a whole bunch of small braids. And went to bed. And in the morning I get up an hour earlier to get it all to untangle and to style.


Tail on top and a million small rubber bands to the tail seemed to be higher and held tight. The trendiest on top of the rubbers was tied with wide satin ribbon and tying beautiful bows. Head after such a tail ached terribly.

Accessories in hair

Flowers, fruit, beads in hair — a dubious way to attract attention. Except that if you are going to a costume party… no, better just throw out all those horrible plastic accessories. Materials


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