Anastasia Volochkova accused of prostitution

August 25, 2016

Nedobrozhilateley ballerina haunt the luxurious interiors and the outfits in which she regularly appears. Gossips claim that such a life dancer earns not only the tour tours.

40-year-old ballerina Anastasia Volochkova has appeared in the scandal center. The Director of a Moscow Agency Dmitry Tulenina, gave an interview to the Internet portal of EG, in which he spoke about the fact that the star had agreed to provide sexual services to wealthy clients, but then suddenly disappeared, taking the fee.

The businessman owns the Agency engaged in organizing various performances and services “Dinner with a star”. According to him, She set him up, promising to enter into an intimate relationship with a wealthy Azerbaijani businessman, but at the last moment refused to do so.

The amount of the transaction amounted to 40 thousand dollars. According to Tulemisova, the dancer got along advance payment of 25 thousand dollars, but then, under the pretext of poor health was closed in another room. Morning star gathered up and flew out of town and not returning the money in the morning.

The statement of the businessman, Anastasia no comment. Note that in the beginning of the year Volochkova hinted at their relationship with sound engineer their shows Mikhail Borisov, published on his page on the social network a photo of a passionate kiss with him. The romance between them confirmed friend of the artist.

Photo: @volochkova_art

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