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February 3, 2017

The people’s love, the actress has already received in adulthood, starring in the TV series “evlampiya Romanova. The consequence conducts the layman”, but in her youth there were many other heroines. Played the actress in the American series. Few people know how firmly in her fate woven these two countries.

Alla was the third daughter of a deaf couple from Minsk. Mother of the future actress had suffered this disease since birth, dad lost his hearing after suffering at the age of five meningitis. However, their children no abnormalities were found. But all three daughters from an early age knew sign language.

Smiling red-haired girl with an odd name was often teased by classmates, but she held them no ill will. Remains optimistic Sunny Alla taught the kindest mother, and to believe in yourself is a wise dad. They did not protest when my younger daughter told them her dream of becoming an actress. And bless her on her trip to Moscow.

Parents did not expect that Yuri Solomin will consider in alle special talent and will take on your course in the “Sliver”. Studying in this glorious theatre will give her a real start in life.


Body (1990)

While still a student, the crutch made his debut in the Thriller “Body.” Having received the first invitation to the shooting, she started thinking about how to change the name, led her so often to endure in high school.

But on reflection, he left his – resonant and unforgettable. So she said thank you to my dad, who always wanted to pass the unusual name of his son, but had three daughters.

Brilliant playing in the “Body” Alla Fedorovna immediately drew the attention of filmmakers and critics: a new face, interesting, obvious talent. It was immediately invited to another, and then another movie.

Meanwhile Schepkin rate, which were Alla Fedorovna, had the opportunity to train in the United States. The actress had a memorable, unlike the Russian, acting experience and improved my English skills.

Back in Russia, and after finishing education, at a party in honor of one of the movies the actress met an American who arrived in Moscow to sign a joint contract. Charming foreigner Kenny Schaeffer with Russian roots like the actress. They began a relationship.


Beautiful novel with an adult – 20 years older! – American raised in the invitation of foreigners on vacation in the United States. There he met a girl and immediately proposed to her.

The young people were married. In love with her husband the actress is first noticed for what they and Kenny are different. The first years of married life were happy and serene.

The couple had a son, whom they gave a beautiful Japanese name Kibo, Alla came to the American screen actors Guild and starred in two series that are loved all over the world – “the Sopranos” and “Law and order”.

Despite this, the Russian cinema, she also did not throw. Starred, for example, in 1998 in the Comedy “I Want in prison”. The role provided for foreign women it specially summoned from America.

The actress says that the American dramatic tradition is very different from Russian. She notes that in the US actors more free and relaxed. However, the Russian tradition she loves no less.

When in 2001 the Director of a successful “go to jail” Alla Surikova again called Alla to work together, she flew with great pleasure. Not only due to the fact that the script of a new movie – “the Perfect couple”, she really liked it, but because Kenny began to have serious disagreements.


Hammer and sickle (1994)

Having lived with her husband ten years, she found it quite interesting together. She lived cinema and theatre, her interests revolved around the creative life. The husband did not come off on the computer and even made your favorite comments about addiction to singing.

Alla Fedorovna, arriving on the shooting to Surikova, felt that in Russia it is waiting for something new, interesting and unpredictable. However, the next two years the actress still lived in two houses.

Invitation to star Vladimir Morozov “Eulampia Romanova…” she got while in the States. There Dontsova don’t know why the character Alla Fedorovna was not acquainted. She read the script and flew to the sample.

Before the actress had a difficult task: it was necessary to get established, prescribed way of people’s favorite, because Daria Dontsova and her novels were popular with a huge audience!

Traits, clothing, manners of the Lamp assembled bit by bit – along with the Director. While working on the realization of the main character, fell for each other…

Morozov admits that fell in love with Alla, as soon as she entered the pavilion. Then he thought that the role will suit a crutch, but drew attention to her as a woman too.


The Sopranos (1999-2007)

Alla went to the rendezvous, only after a while – having got acquainted with Vladimir closer. And when both realized that they have started a real romance, the actress went to the United States, openly talked to my husband and took my kid. Kenny had already mentally let go of the spouse, knowing that the relationship is a long time to finish.

After some time, the actress has accepted a proposal of marriage from Vladimir Morozov. They got married and invited the wedding of the first spouse Alla, who came and gladly congratulated the former the woman and the mother of his son’s wedding day.

In 2003, Kluki and Morozov had a son, Ivan. Now both boys live in Moscow, the second son of actress. Kibo well adapted in Russia, but to become, as a mom, an actor doesn’t want to. It is, rather, dreams of Ivan.

The actress has long starred in Russia. Her last work dates from the year 2015 when the crutch again played in the American TV series “Mysteries of Laura”.

  • Fry (2004)

  • Evlampiya Romanova. The consequence conducts the layman-1 …

  • The perfect couple (2001)

  • Kolya-perekati pole (2005)

  • Oblako-ray (1990)

  • Made in the USSR (1990)

  • Want to go to prison (1998)

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