Allow you can’t force. Why the child is skipping school (sometimes)

November 17, 2016

“Mom, I don’t wanna go to school! I’m tired! You can not walk?” – raise your hand, parents who hear these words a couple of times a week? And why from time to time is really to skip school the whole family?

And what, in fact, we so afraid, when a child asks for a time to skip class?

miss a new theme

Yeah, maybe miss. But is it more difficult to absorb information in the classroom, where twenty-five people, the noise, and the teacher still focuses on the slowest, or at home, one-on-one tutorial (or parents)? Well, I’ll deal it with the new theme sometime.

there is nothing for him to indulge

“Children should be spoiled, then they grow into real robbers”: in fact, there is a big difference between permissive attitude (“Do whatever you want, I do not at all important”) and attention to the needs of the child (“you are legally required to finish school, and I – it provide, but if you’re tired or you don’t like something – tell us, we will solve this problem”). If the child understands that rules are not for rules, and for them it makes sense, and he can not fight the inevitable alone, and to consult with the parents – live and it will be easier.

once allow – wants more

May be you want. And most likely, you will find that truancy has ceased to be something forbidden and alluring. After all, if dad and mom generally are comfortable with the words baby’s acute reluctance to go to school, don’t rush to shame him, blame laziness and carelessness, and not only that – sometimes even really ready to leave him for a day at home, then they really can openly talk. Not just about their unwillingness to go to school, but about something more important.

nobody does

You don’t think your child is such a unique one that dreams sometimes don’t go to school? In fact, such children are full, but many, for example, a week sick, a week go to class, or in the morning, they feel nausea and headache, or tick appears. Because if the brain is tired and overworked – the body definitely will react to it.

have to explain something to the teacher

There is a lovely phrase – “family circumstances”. You’re not every week going to skip? If you need to explain to the teacher why your child sometimes misses school, refer to the recommendation of a psychologist, at the end of the day, from congestion, the student begins to think was still worse, so he just needs to rest.

why skip sometimes school is useful?

  • Disappears the feeling of inevitability, hence the need to go to school ceases to be painful.
  • Unscheduled rest and enough sleep during the week significantly added to the child forces.
  • The student is unlikely to be willfully truant in garages or wander the streets – why, if it is sometimes possible to do legally.
  • Lie also makes no sense: the parents have already proven themselves as adequate people, who better to tell the truth.
  • The child masters the notion of “agree” and “abide by the agreement”: if you have jointly decided that once a month skip is not necessary – so necessary to adhere to.
  • The child learns to better understand themselves and their feelings they need to assess their resources and respond to fatigue when it has already happened, and a little in advance.

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