Alla Pugacheva has seized NTV 100 thousand rubles

July 29, 2016

The singer has filed a lawsuit against TV for illegal use of her family photos and received 100 rubles as moral compensation.

Alla Pugacheva, like other celebrities, always carefully ensures that all members of her family and friends were protected from slander and unjust treatment. The singer in one of old interviews told me that personally she could easily forgive and forget, but when it comes to her family, then she fights the attackers to the bitter end.

Confirmation of this was the trial Pugacheva with broadcaster NTV, illegally used a photo of the star and her husband, humorist Maxim Galkin, and their twins Harry and Lisa. Recently, the court issued the decision on collecting from NTV at the suit of OOO “Inews”, the part of the structure of the media holding Lifenews, 100 thousand rubles for illegal use of a family photo of the actress.

Pugachev was accused journalists of infringement of intellectual property rights and use of photos and videos of the actress and members of her family without her official permission. Originally Alla demanded as a moral compensation payments to 400 thousand rubles, but the court ordered the defendant to transfer the star the amount of 100 thousand rubles.

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