All you need to know about cleaning the fridge

February 2, 2017

Many of us postpone the cleaning in the fridge, because I believe that it’s a pain with the defrost for a few hours. In fact it is not. Here’s what you can do in 10 minutes once a month and 30 minutes every three months.

Defrosting and hygienic cleaning of refrigerator

10 minutes

Perform this cleaning of the refrigerator on a monthly basis (or weekly if you have a large family and the fridge is using a lot of products – the frequency of cleaning of the refrigerator depends on it)

– Quick check for freshness. Throw away what was a little dried out, moldy, rotten, expired.

– Wipe with a sponge with warm water and soap spots and streaks. Wipe dry with a microfiber cloth (paper towel will leave flakes of sodden paper, which can freeze)

– Wipe the rubber door gasket on the perimeter. on the same principle. The door will fit tightly and in the fridge there will be less moisture.

– Wipe the refrigerator handle.

– Move the refrigerator and wipe or vacuum crevice tool the cover of the compressor and the bars. Accumulated dust interferes with the normal cooling.

30 minutes

General cleaning of the refrigerator, each quarter.

– Check out all of the products, dispose of the old sauces and condiments (they are written, the period of storage in the clear).

– Remove all the shelves, drawers and doors. Put them in the bathroom (wide spread a towel on the bottom of the tub to avoid scratching the bathtub, and break glass shelves). Lather and leave on for 5 minutes. Then rinse them in the shower.

– Wipe the inside of the refrigerator and all removable parts with soapy sponge. For hard stains, take a soft plastic brush. Wipe dry with a microfiber.

– Wipe the rubber gasket and the refrigerator handle as described above. If you have a refrigerator from unpainted stainless steel, wipe it on the outside with a cloth with mineral oil (not vegetable). It will protect the surface from stains from the fingers.

– Wipe the dust from the compressor, the radiator and the upper part of the refrigerator.

What about the freezer?

As a rule, it is not necessary to thaw completely. Most modern refrigerators clean the freezer from the ice automatically. But small trickles of ice (from water spilled from the molds for ice, for example) can be removed, just put them on for a few minutes the cloth with hot water.

And the smell?

Prevention is always put away food in the refrigerator in containers with tight lids.

– To remove unpleasant smell inside the refrigerator put a bowl or container with baking soda or charcoal (charcoal barbecue).

Photo: fotoimedia / Ingram.

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