Alika Smekhova showed archival photo with her father

August 11, 2016

In honor of the 76th anniversary of my beloved father Alika Smekhova published archival the touching and congratulated the father.

11 Aug actor, film Director and screenwriter Benjamin Smekhova marks 76 years. His daughter, actress Alika Smekhova, prides memoirs and published in the solemn day of rare black-and-white photo, which is still very young imprinted with a famous father.

“My beloved dad’s birthday today! He is the most caring, intelligent and honorable man of my life! The person-holiday. Congratulations! Thank you for what you have got, be healthy!” – wrote the artist in his Instagram loving daughter. Joined the congratulations to fans of the star and expressed his admiration for the endearing relationship Aliki with her father.

Note, this is not the first case when Smekhova shook subscribers retro-photo. Recently, the star published a picture with Fedor Bondarchuk, of which not all were able to learn without the famous bald head. “How young we were,” wrote under the 24-year-old artist.

Photo: @alika_smekhova

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