Alexander Berdnikov gave his wife a touching meeting of the hospital

August 25, 2016

August 22, the soloist of group “Roots” Alexander Berdnikov became the father of twins Valentina and Roses. The father of many children couldn’t wait to finally meet her newborn daughter and wife, so the meeting of the hospital was especially touching.

August 25, Alexander Berdnikov with his large Gypsy family met his wife, Olga of the hospital №29 with newborn daughters. Baby and mom felt good and was happy to meet with family members and press are invited to an important event.

Alexander gave the wife a beautiful ceremony from the hospital, decorating the entrance to the building of the large inflatable gate in the shape of hearts and flowers generously decorate the hall where the meeting took place.

The father joined the older children new parents: 6-year-old four-year Milan and Marseille. The kids with great joy reacted to the birth of the sisters and is determined to help mother Olga and father Alexander with their education. Spouses no less excited about the new status of the parents.

We will remind, spouses Alexander and Olga were married in 2008. According to Gypsy tradition, the bride Alexander chose his parents, she was rostovchanka from Gypsy families. It seems that parents are not wrong: the family their heir and his wife turned out strong.

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Photo: archive of the press service

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