Adopted children of star parents

February 4, 2017

There are no other children. This simple truth is confirmed by the actions of a stellar parent.

MIA Farrow

MIA Farrow was the first star, who decided on adoption. Moreover, the number of foster children amounted to neither more nor less, and 11(!) people, mostly from Vietnam and Korea.

This is not to say that the example was particularly good – one of the grown girls, Korean sun-And had an affair with her husband foster mom woody Allen. Actress scandal divorced a cheater, and a foster daughter was erased, that is absolutely clear. The other children supported her.


Despite having two biological children, daughter Lourdes Maria (born 1996) and son Rocco Ritchie (2000), the Queen of pop took on two more kids. Both babies were born in the poorest country in Africa – Malawi. David Banda Madonna found in an orphanage in 2006, and three years later the collection was replenished with the baby mercy James.

Madonna had to endure the scandal with the biological father of the girl who appeared out of nowhere and demanded to give him a daughter. However, the court decided to leave mercy in foster care. According to journalists, all the children are very friendly with each other.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt

At the moment, perhaps the most famous couple of the adoptive parents. In the family of six children, three of whom are adopted. Maddox, born in Cambodia, Jolie adopted while still married to Director Billy Bob Thornton.

In 2005, the actress found in Ethiopia seventeen-month-old Zahara Marley, and two years later was adopted pax Thien from Vietnam. Daughter Shiloh, Vivienne and son Knox – biological children of Jolie and pitt.

Sandra Bullock

In 2010, the actress announced her divorce from Jesse James and the adoption of a three-month black-skinned boy, named Louis Bardo. Bullock is actively engaged in the education of the son will not part with him even on the stage. For a long time, she stated that Lewis was the only child and the man in her life.

In the summer of 2015 journalists spread information about novel Sandra Bryan Randall, who later officially confirmed. And in the winter on the cover of People magazine was a photo of the actress with two children. It appeared that Bullock had adopted another three-year-old girl Lila!

Meg Ryan

The actress, whose own son from her marriage to actor Dennis Quaid, also decided on adoption. My daughter found it in China in 2006. In this country a kind of adoption system.

“You call only the age of the child, which wish to adopt, well, occasionally the floor. And then lottery. It looks like a real birth! You just get that other kid to get it. Not going through this horrible process of selecting, humiliating for you and for the person going to take his family,” the actress said. Jack Henry’s adopted sister in the family happy, and even came up with her name is Daisy True.

Natalya Belokhvostikova

Little Cyril was a real gift to family actress Natalia Belokhvostikova and Director Vladimir Naumov. Moreover, at the time of adoption of the boy, the couple were no longer young, the actress is 56 years old, her husband – 80. Now the boy has gone to school, and Belokhvostikova calls him not only as a gift.

Ekaterina Gradova

Gradova always wanted to have a second child in the pair to daughter Masha Mironova, but health is not allowed to do so. But one day in one of the orphanages she saw the two year old Alex. The actress has decided to take custody of the boy, her husband supported her decision.

It’s funny that Alex was the same age as her grandson, the son of the actress Maria Mironova. Despite the star mom boy abandoned the idea to find myself in the cinema and entered the cadet school.

Alexey Serebryakov

In the family of Alexei Serebryakov three children with own daughter Dasha and two foster sons – Stephen and Daniel. The actor has always believed that children should be plenty. The fact of the adoption, he didn’t and was unhappy when it became public, even sued a newspaper that told about it. Children he is raising in severity, but all his spare time tries to spend with them.

Tatiana Ovsiyenko

In 1998, the singer in the orphanage he saw the boy that read the book, stranded algebra textbook! It turned out that Igor has a serious heart defect, so it is unlikely someone will dare to adopt. First Ovsienko helped the boy with the operation, and then are unable to part with it. Now the boy studies in the United States and, according to friends, becoming more and more similar to foster mother.

Irina Alferova

The actress was raised, besides her own daughter Ksenia, has three children. Two children, her third husband, Sergei Martynov, which after the death of their mother Alferov with Martynov took, and nephew, Sasha, orphaned after the death of her sister Actresses. All children successfully raised, but in the footsteps Alferova went only her daughter Ksenia.

Maria Vasilyeva

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