Actress Julia Peresild: “it is Bad when women exploit their beauty and live it”

November 7, 2016

In the TV series “Mysterious passion” Yulia Peresild plays a major role – Relics, secret love writer Vaksona. In an interview with “the Home” actress talks about her childhood, children, about why she pities women for secular parties and why I never painted.

Reference: Yuliya Peresild, actress of theatre and cinema. Born in 1984 in Pskov, after school, I went to RATI and moved to Moscow. The main roles in the movie “Battle for Sevastopol”, TV series “Lyudmila Gurchenko”, “Mysterious passion” and others.

I am an absolute maid

There are many such blue eyes, blond hair. Once I still have a long braid was below the buttocks, here’s the real Pskov. I love hometown. When I lived there, did not even feel how he really is historical, how beautiful. It was a daily occurrence – then the Church of St. Nicholas of usokha, there is Basil on the Hill, here XIII century, there XV. And the Mirozhsky monastery? And Izborsk? Could take a few days to spend and all. Love.

I’ve always been a bully, and I had a real childhood backyard

We came off in full: the tar chewing, cards with the boys played, blew up packages of carbide, eggs to throw at riot police. At the disco from the Windows out on the gas pipe. I looked recently at her: very thin, had to go, closely-huddled close to the wall, clothes in advance dropped to the ground, so that nothing prevented. How to do not fell never? Horror. But I never, ever, ever abused.

The only time mom put in a corner, and there I decided to stay until the end, stood until midnight. Although after half an hour mom asked me to get out, cursing, crying, but I didn’t give up. It was cruel, I admit.

“Friend”, “lover”, “mother” – if there are such types, I, of course, the woman is the mother

Try to be with children every moment possible. I don’t do this, that the child came running up to me in the morning and I say: go play, I’ll just get some sleep. At least that was before, though how tough the night shift – I get up and go to play, to ride a horse, cook. Yes, I have nannies, but all you can do yourself, if I’m home, doing this by yourself. I have greedy children, I need them to be mine, with me nor with anyone not want to share this sweet time. But I’m not the perfect mom from magazines. And the guilt gnaws at me. All the time I think: am I too pressed them? For scandals and quarrels are not worried to shout the same need if the emotions are sincere. I scream, and children allow. Sometimes will not stand, ask one of them: “what are you yelling?” – “And that’s how I feel!” Well, I feel so poori, just right.

Now my children seem less adult than I was at their age.

I have four years felt like a totally reasonable person. All the problems of the parents understand.

If I said no money, I don’t even think to ask to buy something. For example, I perfectly understood why parents can’t buy me a piano. And my music teacher – no. To do I went to the neighbors, but it does not always work. And once I listened to the condescending lecture about what not to be so irresponsible that the parents “just” need to get together to buy a piano… At that moment I stood up and walked out of the classroom. And never went back. I was seven years old, but I made the decision that felt right.

This early maturity is possible only when you are free. Where is the freedom our children?

They also do not. The computer – impossible, bad things is impossible, in a puddle to stand up is impossible. We have them driven mad by these “impossible”, so they are nervous. But we have the same English with two years with three Aikido, yoga, swimming, dancing – can’t stop. And all entertainment – only under our supervision. What this generation will turn out is unclear. Wild freedom, all the rules. But it’s important to give the child the right to be wrong. This is the most difficult for parents.

Despite the yard life, I studied always excellent and where we wanted to be, I was: KVN, competitions, competitions – all participated, won, and that’s mean me a lot was allowed.

Today, when I lead a soul-saving conversation with friends children, telling them: “Listen, and you yourself are hunting to have these three? And listen to how parents teach you of life? You do everything perfectly and you will not be able to hang on, and be completely independent. Well, if you’re willing to endure it – no problem.” Personally, I could not, since childhood. And still can’t. Only from people whom I respect, whom I consider a genius, could listen to advice, criticism, anything. Here ten minutes ago called Zhenya Mironov, head of a favourite Theatre of Nations, please, I love it when he gives me advice. Everyone else – thank you.

To become an actress by the way, I did not seek

Just as far as you were: the Institute of the emergencies Ministry, journalism, circus school, sports Institute (by the way, the regulations passed better real athletes). Shook from side to side, I really wanted to find myself. And when I got to the theater, I didn’t have to get me, come what may. Wanted to take ME, as it is. Want – take , you do not want. I believe that to come together stars in all. You can break his head on the wall, but if you don’t agree – alas. I was lucky that it happened that way, and it is a great happiness.

Creativity finds a way all my hooliganism. I can’t stand extreme – no parachutes, slides, no. But on the set I have never doubles, anything will do it. It’s a place where I can take risks and where you feel that you have that right.

Not really thought specifically about “my beauty”

Yes, and I would not like to know that this is my thing. It is generally bad when women exploit their appearance and live only for that. Because then they are doomed to pain and suffering fifty. After all, you worse and worse, you become evil, I hate young girls who walk around. It’s a dead end!

Impossible, when the adult actress playing a role of sixteen year old girls and trying to prove to everyone that they are there. Probably nice when the scenarios get, but only if you with a sense of humor about this. In the store when you wine is not sold without a passport. Well, guys, we understand that really don’t look sixteen.

Standards of beauty today is hard, Yes. Everyone wants to be tall, leggy, young. It’s boring and everything seems so out of the incubator.

I know a lot of full and beautiful women or, conversely, very thin and beautiful, the issue is that for you organically. The same Natalia Gundareva, when lost, lost part of its charm.

Everyone asks what I’m doing with a face like a well-groomed… Well, I wash my face in the morning. This is a recipe? Of course, I can’t say I’m a natural country woman who comes every morning to mow the grass in the sun and she got nothing, no wrinkles. I use some creams, some jars, often of the pharmacy, but don’t even pay attention to the brand. When my friends ask, I need to pick up this bottle and see that I was on the run bought.

Never makeup in everyday life

If even the eyelashes to paint – something, uncomfortable, eyes do not open. How to RUB something on my face? Still smeared! I do not like makeup. Makeup for me is more associated with the theatre, with roles, with photo shoots in magazines. Even in the movie like when the makeup minimum. In ordinary life only want to be yourself.

I go to parties, but don’t understand what there is to do. Here leave the kids somewhere, I immediately crowd all over the place for a walk and think I for the next three months nglamorous, completed the program. Although with the advent of Fund “Galchonok”, of which I am Trustee, began to perceive it as a kind of work. Sponsors are only for well-known names and faces. And we need to Shine, to make acquaintance, to ask for money. So I’m happy when someone of my colleagues who have helped Fund becomes more popular. As Liza Arzamasova, which just took off this year – that’s fantastic! Rather the work, money!

One day before the new year I realized that I didn’t have time to collect our ward child money for the unit for rehabilitation. Twenty-something Dec soon break, as long as people come into itself – the device is no longer needed. Gaining a well-known lawyer, it often helps, but very modest person, so names are not disclosed, just in case. Say, “I’m Sorry, but if we do not collect the two hundred thousand, do not collect already never.”

He: “So, where to drive?”. Circle pre-holiday bustle, traffic, these, all run, and then the person just takes and he immediately brings me money. Rush to the website and it turns out that because the dollar unit is two hundred and eighty thousand… Hands down. Well, where I one day another eighty thousand to collect. Come to upset their friends designers, they come forward with an envelope in his hand: listen, I want you to give money to the Fund, use whatever you want… Open it up, there a hundred thousand, and even shipping enough. You know? To the ruble smoothly converged. It’s a miracle.

“Stihotvorenie”, which is now played by Chulpan Khamatova, Irina Kupchenko, Dmitry Khrustalev and our other stars, we did to support your pants. Rose a dollar, not enough for basic things, but as you say the ward family, everything? Mother raises a child, we help them for two years, and how to tell time? Our curator Ksenia Onopko – we’re sometimes afraid to talk because it deals with families, and with her always as a very fine, ready to cry. It is very hard to refuse.

In General, we wanted to save money and have a little play based on the poems of contemporary children’s poets – Mary Rupasova, Natalia Volkova, Anastasia Orlova. But in the end all grew up in a large continuous project.

All actors work in “Stihotvorenie” is free, and proceeds from the ticket sales we treat and rehabilitate children with organic lesions of the Central nervous system.

One journalist asked me: “do You not think that charity simply became fashionable?” And thank God, let them! If you will be joining us girls have a lot of money, many connections and a lot of internal problems that just don’t know what’s the meaning of life, where to find it – it’s good. Not only for us – good for them too. I look sometimes at these get-togethers, and I pity them. Bloodless, no regretting, thinking only of how more to pump up his lips. I’m not against all of these swings and Kalyani do anything with them, but it may not be the goal. In the end, even their rich husbands dump them, because the cold fish do not need anyone.

I like people kind, modest

You may not believe this, but I’m a very humble person. Sometimes I have something to say… Even when it is necessary. It’s probably a disadvantage, but to me he attracts very good people, conscientious, noble, who think about others. Five minutes of conversation, I understand what man is, is there something or not. I don’t care how it looks, full or thin, beautiful or not. If a person has charm, in conversation, in life, everything else pales into insignificance.

Women today do not have enough weaknesses. I’m of the category of people who in principle can do it by yourself. Don’t know how to ask for help, everyone is always pru myself. And it’s not the best quality, by the way. A woman should be a woman. And we should have great courage to take and afford it.

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