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January 14, 2018

Physical fitness is one of the most important aspects of life. Of all the other areas of personal development, physical fitness would top the list.

Without physical fitness, can you imagine playing with your child, going for a trek, traveling, performing your office work, or even enjoying sex? Undoubtedly, to enjoy many simple pleasures of life, you need to be physically fit.

Physical fitness is also important because it has something to do with your overall being. The casing in which "real you" resides right from your birth till death, is unduly your own body. Unlike other inanimate casings of goods, your body is constantly in a state of change.

Unless you regulate this change for the better by achieving physical fitness, your body will shape itself by default which may not necessitated resolved to physical fitness.

The beauty of physical fitness is that once you are physically fit, you also possess a healthy mind. These results into your overall well being.

The Three Ss of Physical Fitness To achieve overall physical fitness, you need to work on these three areas:

  1. Strength
  2. Stamina
  3. Suppleness

Strength : Strength assumes your ability to lift things up. For eg lifting a child, a bucket full of water, or lifting a bit heavy luggage and to perform such common tasks with reasonable ease. Strength, therefore, has great to do with your muscular strength. For the improving strength and you need to undertake systematic weight training schedule on a regular basis.

Stamina : Your ability to climb the tall building using staircase without much huffing and puffing, your ability to run, jog, swim for a long time and are indications of having great stamina. Performing these tasks without feeling out of breath, implies stamina. After performing such tasks, your breath should return to normalcy within a short period of time. Improvement of your stamina is connected with the improvement of the capacity of your lungs to take in more air. Step in a can be improved by undertaking aerobic home of exercises such as cycling, running, aerobic dancing, swimming etc.

Supplementess : How flexible are you? Can you perform sex in various positions with ease? Can you easily bend down to tie or untie your shoelace. Can you bend backwards? Can you easily stretch yourself to take out the book you want to read from a higher place in the shelf above, without feeling any pain. Your body's suppleness is flexibility. Flexibility helps you tremendously in moving swiftly and in responding to situations with improved reflexes. Training in yoga, and performing various yoga postures can help greatly improve your suppleness. Yoga will also have an overall positive effect on your life.

Focusing on only one of the three Ss will result in an imbalance. To achieve optimal physical fitness you need to balance all the three Ss: Strength, Stamina and Suppleness. You need to undertake certain tasks from each area and to strike a balance.

For achieving maximum physical fitness in all the three areas above, it is a good idea to refer to various books written by experts on the subjects or to seek guidance from a qualified trainer.

Source by Nahush Khubalkar

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