Abandoned pig was in good hands and became a glamour model

November 28, 2016

Multi-colored tutu with beautiful ribbon and festive garland – all as it should be at the photo shoot of a pregnant woman. This adorable pig has shown the world that you can become a model, even having survived the ordeal.

She was found on an abandoned farm, with no food and water. A young pig was pregnant. Rescuers took her to the staff of Happy Trails, a non – profit organization, which is engaged in caring for abandoned and neglected farm animals.

“Next to her found her dead buddies – most likely, the future father of newborn piglets. When the pig arrived here, we were amazed that despite the pregnancy and lack of food, she was in pretty good shape,” says Director of education Happy Trails Ilona urban.

The surviving pig called Sophie, in honor of each organization, 9-year-old girl that is actively involved in programs of assistance to large artiodactyl animals. The first days at the orphanage Sophie was behaving very shyly.

“But she has never shown aggression towards people. This is a very cute pig,” says Ilona urban.

A few days after the holiday photo sessions and a month after his happy rescue – Sophie gave birth to seven adorable piglets. She turned out to be a very caring mother as soon as she thinks people got too close and unable to harm the pigs, she begins to grunt warningly.

Unfortunately, one kid died because of a congenital defect of development. Of the remaining six employees of the shelter came up with the names of the three little pigs: this is eve, Jazzy and Simon. In the future, my mom and plan to pass it on to new owners who will keep them as Pets.

Happy Trails ensures that none of the pigs will not get dining table: the organization thoroughly checks all those wishing to take animals, and then her staff regularly visit their former charges.

Source: today.com Anna Stachura

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