A talented woman and mother sun. The Way The AI Sawin

August 1, 2016

She was not only a strong actress and an attractive woman. Iya Savvina remember a great mom, which first announced the possibility to raise a child with down syndrome along.

Photo: TASS Vasily Yegorov/Vilenkin V.

Iya was born in Voronezh. By her own memories, aunt Sawin was educated – he graduated from literally four classes of parochial school, but the mother was talented, and at the urging of his brother in adulthood went to technical school. I was embarrassed to sit at a student bench with youth. But then was the only one in Voronezh the student of the first set of medical, become a doctor.

All the same, Ie. mother’s profession did not appeal. The same, however, as the profession of acting. Girl at school dreamed of journalism. A teenager wrote articles in local Newspapers and magazines, tried in school, and has achieved considerable success: he graduated with a gold medal. It gave S the opportunity to go to Moscow to storm the coveted journalism of Moscow state University.

There she immediately pointed out as one of the best students. Teachers of literature Ia was for a special account – so wonderful student recited Mayakovsky that the exams repeatedly asked her to read yet!

New passion AI Sergeyevna became a student drama theatre under the leadership of Rolan Bykov. It is from a University Studio Iya Savvina get on her first set – play the lady with the dog in the same film. The role will give you great success. Wonderful talent will celebrate the very Ranevskaya. Iya Savvina then tell me that could not believe his eyes, having received a postcard with compliments from the actress before which to kneel. Several times read the signature. But: Ranevskaya.

Sun child

Photo: TASS

Still a student and I fell in love with the same as she is passionate about dramatic art the young man. Came from intellectual families, the future scientist-geologist Vsevolod Shestakov also played in the theater Studio. Both soon realized that in love with each other, started Dating and later got married.

Young was placed on Frunze embankment, led a Bohemian lifestyle, staged a fun-filled evening I went from celebrity theater, cinema, and the academic environment. Strong young love, amazing Union of two enthusiastic individuals, house – a full bowl, what more could you want? They really wanted a child.

Pair of joy knew no bounds when it turned out that I was pregnant. A long-awaited and beloved son was born with down syndrome. The doctors began to dissuade the young mother, saying that children with this disease sometimes can’t even learn to sit up, only sometimes live up to 16 years. Hardly the long-awaited boy will know his mother! In this regard, the actress was persuaded to leave her son in an orphanage. But Iya Sergeevna looked at ugovorima in horror: how can you abandon your child?!

Everything turned out

Photo: TASS

The boy she named after her own father, and began to care for him, not for a moment hiding the fact that she has a solar child. Iya Savvina became the first public personality who were able to openly raise the issue of special children and by example to show how it is necessary for them to care.

She made Sergei diet food, hired massage therapists, made friends with the best doctors of the USSR. The mother AI is really great for the grandson abandoned practice and devoted himself Serezha. Combining the education of a special child with filming and theatre work, and I knew that the time of her marriage coming apart at the seams.

For a long 16 years, the actress will live in wedlock with a Shestakov – son, mother-in-law, who loved him, and the illusion of a happy Union. Sergei grew up a child of the diligent: a good student, I learned to play the piano, was interested in languages and wrote these still-lifes that he received a personal exhibition. The couple were proud of their child, but understand that their Union came to an end and this point it is necessary finally to put.


Photo: TASS/Stanislav Krasilnikov

Five years after the divorce, on some get-togethers in the restaurant, the famed actress said the actor of the Taganka theater Anatoly Vasiliev. Then Iya Sergeevna seemed to him absolutely sublime, as if cut off from the earth tender and inspired girl. But when the actress in the middle of the feast started to read Akhmadullin singing, in the manner of the poet, Anatoly has decided: out of this world!

Some time passed, and Vasiliev gathered with friends to Solovki. His surprise knew no bounds when in a group he saw, and UW. “What is she doing here?!” thought. But it was waited by weight of surprises. It was on Solovki young people make friends, and Savvina Anatolia opens with a completely different side.

He recalls how the actress had come with him into the woods to dig worms. He was convinced that the sublime beauty no end squeal as soon as she sees writhing maggots. But there it was: Ia, rejoicing like a child, pulled out a delicate, slender toes the bait from the ground.

Next time she enjoyed the sudden storm that caught them, in a boat, fishing to the far island. Liked Vasilyev, introducing Sawin, and its ability to get pleasure from a quiet hunt. She brightened face, when once again cut the elastic in the grey spots the stem of boletus!

And in sorrow and in joy

Photo ITAR-TASS/ Alexander Saverkin

On arrival from the trip, the relationship continued. Ia talked a lot about his son, and one day promised to meet. And so it happened. Her mother, sister and her family and Serge was already moved from Voronezh to Moscow, where Ia and invited Anatoly. He recalls that the couple came to meet all poured out into the yard. Meeting with a very special son Sawin was given Vasilyev easily. Sergei began to call the man “the uncle Tolya”, and that became his loyal friend.

Iya Sergeevna and Anatoly Isaakovich lived together for 30 years. He was there when the actress was diagnosed with melanoma, tried to help, begged to be operated on, treated, to maintain your health. The first operation was successful. But before surgery had to undergo a course of chemotherapy, and this Savvina flatly refused. So, when a few years Iya Sergeevna keepeth his stroke, cancer again remind myself. To top it all, Iya Sergeevna involved in a car accident that hurt his chest.

Realizing that her days are numbered, just two weeks before the death of Iya Sergeevna finally accepts the offer of marriage from Vasilyeva, and becomes the bride literally on his deathbed. Now he became the sole guardian of Ann – after all, his father, Vsevolod Shestakov, died several years before mom.

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