A small thing in the bag. Myths and truths about small dogs

January 24, 2017

Dog chips: features of different breeds and rules of content.

More recently in the society pages in fashion magazines such dog looked like a living a rare accessory in the hands of the glamorous beauties. But things have changed: dogs-chips managed to master the vast mass market. Owners of Pomeranians and Chihuahuas, Yorkies and toy Terrier dared to become Housewives, young couples and even animal lovers who already have in the house larger canine animals. But the reverence to this elite class of animals are preserved, as are preserved and myths about what is so special (besides the size) the fine breed of dogs differ from others.

Myths about small dogs

MYTH. It’s a real gem – a dog that can be trained to the tray, like a cat!

Reality. Yes, with decorative dogs you can do without the daily walking. But that doesn’t mean that dogs don’t need movement! If they don’t get enough physical activity, muscle atrophy, animals become weak and painful. If you keep your child at home, enter in a daily schedule active physical games for pet. Those who are accustomed to walking every day, must remember the fragile nature of kids. They are more thermophilic and besides, they have more brittle bones.

MYTH. Tame dogs do not require special training apartments. What can spoil this baby?

Reality. In fact, the appearance of decorative dog it is necessary to prepare not less carefully than to the appearance of a small child. The little things on the shelves, wire, bottles, leaves and stems of plants – all located at the level of the eyes and nose of the puppy, it is a genuine research interest. Larger dogs even at a young age are not as curious and mischievous, like a little dog.

MYTH. Care manual dog easier. They are easy to move around the city, you can go to, to go to a restaurant or to the exhibition.

Reality. Some veterinarians put the dogs breeds handmade dog collar because they have a weak trachea, and they are very emotional, easily excitable and can pull on the leash, the collar will cause shortness of breath. The weight of the leash has a value that is too heavy can overload the neck. As for the joint output, the manual carrying of dogs are not suitable or conventional ladies gym bags. You must get a special – fitted with an air vent – carrying.

MYTH. Lapdog – the best toy for young children.

Reality. Yes, dogs of decorative breeds are exceptionally friendly. But children under a certain age tend to take really small dog like a toy, so can be dangerous for the animal. Only five years old babies are able to more consciously relate to the animals to be careful to understand the rules of behavior with a dog. Under the leadership of parents of this age children can learn to take care of the brothers and be friends with them, causing bits and pieces harm.

MYTH. Manual dog breeds are not cut out to be defenders and protectors. Whether it “normal” dog, one look at which is impressive for any troublemaker.

Reality. Small dogs, in accordance with the laws of compensation have excellent hearing and frantic courage. To their natural qualities is also included unconditional devotion owner. Therefore, on the arrival of any and all invited and uninvited guests, they certainly will warn you. And the owner is ready to “break” anyone, regardless of his size.

IMPORTANT! Syndrome owner of a small dog

Many owners, deceived by the diminutive size of the pet, begin to let him too much. And that, in turn, becomes uncontrollable. It is worth remembering that all the usual advice on education and training are dwarf dogs as well as large.

Handmade dog breeds


Hardy, sociable, loyal so that it was not interested in reciprocity. Does not require frequent shearing-shaving. But! Very hard going through alone.


Calm and patient. It likes to play with children, prefer peace or the pursuit of a goal (like all Terriers).
Require a haircut. To comb at least 3 times a week.


A daredevil by nature, a good guard. Loves adults more than children. Picky care: it can be just an occasional brushing. Sometimes irritable. Is prone to diseases.


It is easy to train. Loves games and movement. A great watchdog, very attached to his owner and suspicious to strangers. Easy to get along with other animals.

The toy Terrier

One of the smartest dogs. Early maturing, has a high-strung nervous system. When active physical training can be very hardy, loves attention, easy to take care of.


Very lively and intelligent dog. Requires attentive care her you need time to wash, to prevent tangling of the coat. Subject to diseases peculiar to the breed.

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