A Pilates class from Maria Shukshina

February 3, 2017

Recently in an interview with the magazine “Domashniy Ochag” Maria Shukshina admitted that they never played sports and did not like physical education. However, such skeptics are professionals. Maria shares her experience of working on myself, which allowed her to take a new look at your posture and wellbeing.

The actress for several months, is a regular guest of the Studio personal training Pilates PMP. This body helps her coach Daria Zaytseva.

The system created a century ago sports specialist Joseph Pilates – experience of working with hundreds of people with different problems and needs. Today, many movie stars and sports prefer Pilates over other types of physical exertion.

Main advantages – the ability to affect all the muscle groups and the body as a whole, as well as powerful anti-stress effect, sound sleep and more energy.

“I feel great, I forgot about back pain. Pilates creates muscular frame, changing posture, gait – I loved it! And around noticed the change,” shares Moreclassic exercises performed on special equipment, but some of them can be done at home – with a stable chair or bench. Each exercise is performed for 1-2 minutes, 3-5 approaches.

1. Lie down on any solid surface. Bend your knees completely press the lower back to the surface, pull up to chest, one bent leg and extend forward. Strengthens the abdominal muscles and hips.

2. Put the foot on the support. Try to align the pelvis. Exercise open and align the hip joints, improves blood flow to the pelvic region.

3. Continuing the previous exercise, drag the hand to the side. Hold the pelvis steady. Gives traction of all the lateral line of the body, lengthening the waist, stretching the inner thigh.

4. Put the leg on a support at the level of the pelvis and gently push the leg onto the support. Hold the pelvis steady. The result: the alignment and stabilization of the pelvis, stretching back of the thigh.

5. Sit in a chair, feet together, hands pull up. Keeping the pelvis and lower back pressed to the back of the chair, on the exhale, bend sideways in one plane. Go back to the breath.

Maria Vasilyeva

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