A happy marriage without love. Vera Vasilieva

January 31, 2017

The actress played more than fifty roles, and still, despite his age, continues to delight fans with his appearance in the series. Simple girl, good mother, generous grandmother – she was always in demand. And in the life of Vera Vasilyeva stays the same as it used to see the audience.

Born Vera in the village of Dry Creek in the Tver region. Soon, however, the mother of the family having certain ambitions about his own life, found a way to take the family to the capital.

But the family was large: side-by-side with Faith was brought up by her older sister, 13 years after the birth of a future actress, a light appeared and a younger brother.

The boy was two years old when the war began. His mom immediately sent with the evacuation. Older sisters, one of which by the time he graduated from medical school, and the other worked in the Ministry of defence, went on business trips.

Only Faith as a teenager and remained with his father in Moscow. Along with all she Packed the boxes with sand to extinguish incendiary bombs, was on duty on the roof… even then dreamed of the stage.

A little girl she was at the Bolshoi theatre. My mother’s friend took her to the show. There Faith saw not only the performance but also people from a different social stratum who lived different, different from Verinoj life. The Vasiliev family, he moved to the capital, lived in a communal apartment, the parents worked at the plant.

The fact that the youngest daughter was fascinated by the theater, the family is not immediately noticed. Parents barely have time to rest between work shifts, and older sisters because of the age difference was not immersed in Vera’s life.

She was trying to save money to the show, bought the theatre magazines and was soon able to interest a theater and best friend. They teamed up and penny on your hobby mined together. One girl even sold one set of textbooks, leaving the second to learn it together – like in the theatre!


Adventures of a dentist (1965)

Not difficult to guess that after school, Faith wanted to join the theater, but for some reason did not dare to go “dramatic actress”, the way to circus school seemed shorter. The girl was preparing for the exams there, but failed the first – physical training. The rules of admission were harsh!

Was the middle of the war, but some drama schools have not yet sent in the evacuation. Proryde after the failure in the circus, the Faith of all gathered will in a fist and went to the theatre. There is a small, but very charming yesterday’s the girl with the dimples was a success.

Vera was studied in the second year, when it first adopted the role in the movie “Twins” is a small episode, which nobody noticed. A year later, she was summoned to Hollywood to the famous Pyreva, who filmed his “Tale of the Siberian land”.

Faith was worried and prepared. Slept all night in curlers and in the morning brought this up that she did not recognize herself. In cosmetic, standing upright steep curls and elegant dress she was to conquer the Director and auditioning for the role… villager Nasty Gusenkova.


Come to lake Baikal (1965)

The actress recalls how unkindly looked at her first, and when he was assistant, began their lecture. Those confused: “Yesterday it looked wrong.”

Experienced Director realized what was the matter, and sent Vasilyev together with assistants to wash, comb curls and weave the braids. After resulting the girl relented. Asked for two of the stocking. “What’s wrong with my legs?!” thought young and quite bewildered actress.

Stockings but Ivan told me to roll up and shove into my cleavage. They say her face needs, fat, and skinny, the disorder! With the new “breast” using strings wide dress high as you will definitely notice the actress, “to be like the woman in the kettle,” she passed the audition and was approved for the role.

The frame had to play with the masters where the student was afraid of. Before the end of filming Faith kept to themselves and did not expect that the movie will become popular, and she, a very young actress, was awarded for the role of Anastasia Stalin prize.


Wedding dowry (1953)

Brilliantly graduated from the Moscow theatre school and already have a prestigious award, the actress was invited to the Satire theatre in which the actress is to this day. She managed to become a prima ballerina for the first two years of operation and 50’s, when the glory Vasilyeva thundered throughout the Soviet Union, the theatre was joined by the young and talented Director Boris Ravenskih.

Charming and beautiful, the man was fascinated by the entire troupe of his is bursting with energy and breathed in the theater a new life. Delivered his “Wedding dowry” was played over nine times. For this show of Faith has received his second Stalin prize, theatre – a new wave of recognition, and the Director is a beautiful and faithful woman.

The actress never hid the fact that she fell in love with a married Director. He also went through the beautiful Faith of your mind. Even met her parents and was able to establish contact with them. And lived, while the Director hasn’t turned into another theater.

He not only did not lose the war but lost interest in former favorite actress, barely ceasing to see her every day.

She tossed and turned, but he knew that professional changes in the life of a loved one, his coldness and, as a consequence, separation is liberation for her.


That we do not pass… (1975)

Faith could not forget Boris, and that he agreed to all the roles, just to go to work and not to think about my favorite. Meanwhile, the sensational “Wedding with a dowry”, it was decided to film.

Filming for Vera Kuzminichna was to look after the actor playing the main role, – Vladimir Ushakov. “He came luxurious, brilliant, impressive” – will remember the actress. So I saw this his “Osechka,” as she called him much later…

The actor had just returned from Germany and immediately noticed the beautiful Faith. Started to care – that in any. Good people explained that love for the other, told the bitter story of an actress and married Director. “‘ll still always with me!” – rested Ushakov.

He achieved it three years, showered with gifts, beautifully looked after and ask me to marry him. In General, in the fourth year convinced of his love, and Faith agreed.

Vladimir led her into the Dorm and introduced my wife. No wedding, no painting, no rings. Slept apart, cook it refused, it was necessary to Vladimir to hire a housekeeper and is living in a Dorm! The neighbors roared with laughter, and the man showed incredible patience and love. It was a long time before Faith convinced that he really is the best husband in the world!


The investigation leading Experts (1971-1989)

The sign they had in seven years – when issuing documents in the apartment, and the real wedding was celebrated on the day of the fiftieth anniversary of joint life. She wore a white dress, bought, finally, a wedding ring, the friends gathered at the Home of actor…

They lived in perfect harmony until his death. In the room where the husband lived, his portrait hangs. Vera, when he comes home, the first thing to greet his Usackas, telling how spent the day.

But the children of the couple were not. But fate brought Vera Kuzminichna with the woman she considers her daughter. She once helped actress with heavy bags, it turned out that Dasha has long monitored the work of Vera Vasilyeva. Became friends.

As time passed the young woman and the actress had become so close that they became a real family. Now Dasha monitors the health of Vera Kuzminichna and its contents, controls the finances. The actress trusts her completely and considers Dasha’s son as his grandson.

After a difficult year when he passed away husband of Vera Vasilyeva, she again went to work for the first time agreed to star in two TV series. So we can say that the actress her fans to this day continues to delight new roles.

  • Chuk and GEK (1953)

  • Malicious Sunday (1985)

  • Believe (2012)

  • Spring twenty-ninth (1975)

  • Maigret and the man on the bench (1973)

  • Beauty (2000)

  • The legend of the Siberian land (1947)

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