9 your actions, able to piss off any man

February 1, 2017

We often write about what we don’t like in men, and almost never about what women’s actions can irritate men. Probably because only 9.

You manipulate sex

Sex for him — most vulnerable spot. And when you start to use it as a weapon to demonstrate his superiority, hate it. In the intimate life of the two partners should be very open. But if you start to cheat, set a trap and trying to seem not who you are, relationships rapidly deteriorate.

You criticize other women

He understands that for you, all of them rivals. But how can this recall? Even your most witty comments in the end bored. And the longer you try to expose tucked a competitor in a negative light, the worse. He can easily think that you are just jealous of her. Apparently, because the girl do something better.

You constantly require his attention

“Baby”, “kitten”, “duey” and so on — it is certainly good. But in certain doses. He’s just not physically able all the time to hug you, to stroke and talk about how wonderful you were.

You don’t feel confident

No, the confident ladies, coming ahead like a tank, he also can not stand. But your eternal doubts and hesitations, your dependence on other people’s opinions annoying. Too many problems…

You don’t say directly what you need

Especially a lot of fog you get when you want to test his feelings. Ask, for example: “what do you think?” And throw a tantrum, when you honestly answer. Well, how did he know what you really meant? You need not ask vague and detailed questions.

You are invading his personal space

Terribly annoying when you turn into an investigator and start to figure out what he’s been doing all day. He categorically does not agree that you have every right to ask his friends to go into his computer and a box of personal things.

You can’t speak the main

He’d be happy to listen to you, but the male brain by nature is not as the female. For instance, you easily perceive detailed, insignificant details. But when you start as it is detailed recount everything to him is unbearable. Using so much information it just becomes uncomfortable.

You are too emotional

Of course, he doesn’t want you were all so languid and mysterious. But to cry over a broken nail once too. Then you cry violently, scream out of rage. and everything in General about nothing. Such emotional swings one long will not stand.

You to exhaustion shop

He is willing to accompany you, if you know exactly where you need to go and what to buy there. But aimless wandering from booth to booth, makes him panic is already on the tenth minute. And another ten minutes — a very real anger.


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