9 ways to keep the house clean, if you have a dog. Or cat

January 10, 2017

Yes, we love them, but sometimes they add hassle at home. How to make life with a pet more comfortable?

1. The smell on the furniture

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If the creature has the privilege to sleep on your couch (or believes he has), the sofa can begin to exude the fragrance of the paddocks. Thickly sprinkle baking soda samonazvanie his den, and after 15 minutes vacuum thoroughly.

2. How to withdraw urine stains

Not conveyed to the street? Happen. Grate with large grater pinch of economic or spot-bringing soap and dissolve it in a glass of warm water. This solution soak the stain. Then remove the soap vinegar solution (a tablespoon of white wine vinegar per Cup of water), promaqua swab with vinegar stain. On the tiles dried stains are cleaned with a thick paste of soda and water droplets.

3. Quickly assemble coat

A damp rubber glove will instantly collect scattered around the house hairs. But during moulting, of course, need a good vacuum cleaner. Take the time to read the reviews on the forums which model is best suited with hair.

4. Find a “black mark”

That stinks, but how? If the urine stains not visible to the naked eye, draw the curtains, extinguish the lights and use an ultraviolet lamp to search. The spot will glow.

Tip: UV radiation give generators, quartz lamps for tanning and disinfection and even UV dryer nail Polish.

5. Paw prints

A paradox, but sometimes it’s easier to let them dry and then vacuum than to clean fresh. After the cleaner RUB the stains with a solution of dishwashing detergent with water (or something like aqueous solution of “Mr Muscle”).

6. Cat toilet

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Change the litter often as possible. Cut a window for the cat down the toilet door and hang in the cat aisle swinging door. The smell will be less than if you just keep the bathroom door constantly ajar.

7. Debris from the bones

Chewing toys or bones, of course, save your furniture from the onslaught of the beavers. But have a nasty tendency to leave small pieces and sometimes spots. Choose toys for the teeth bright colors and from the beginning restrict the puppy where he can chew on (not on carpets). To do this, suitable educational measures and the actual barricades and fences around the legitimate beaver your animal.

8. Stains from excrement

So, pomislis and business. Solution: a tablespoon of dishwashing detergent, a tablespoon of vinegar, two cups of water. Blotted until the stain is gone. If not immediately helped, sprinkle on the stain with hydrogen peroxide (a few drops with a pipette) and a couple of drops of ammonia. Caution, may damage the fabric. Then rinse with clean water. And now – again was moved.

9. Remove the fur from the washing machine

Wool from your clothes can clog the drain and drum machines. The drum is periodically vacuumed when it is dry, and the filter is regularly disassembled and cleaned (see manual).

Maria Vasilyeva

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