9 professional secrets how to make your photos look better than in real life

August 9, 2016

They are so simple that they can print out a cheat sheet and invest in case with the camera.

If your companion is not a professional photographer with experience, don’t let him afford to make these mistakes.

1. Shooting from the lower angle

Weigh down your chin, makes you arrogant. Double chin is contraindicated twice.

2. Shooting from high angle

Gives a huge forehead and nose and alien cartoon hero.

3. Define your winning half of the face

Our faces are asymmetrical. When shooting in a half-turn substitute most attractive part of the face.

4. Don’t involve the cheeks

Any tension the muscles of the face is read by the audience.

5. Not vypuchivalas eyes

Natural relaxed squint gives a more confident look.

6. Relax your eyebrows and forehead

Not to wince, more beautiful you definitely will not be

7. Lift the chin

By side shooting just raise your head and your neck and cheeks will look thinner.

8. Don’t overdo the duck face

Quite a bit, gently pulling the lips for a light kiss.

9. Don’t laugh, if you are not funny

Any insincere smile makes you look like a clown.
According to the materials of brightside.me

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