9 life hacks that will save you time cleaning

January 10, 2017

To make the cleaning easier, some things are worth making in advance


To a clogged pipe in the bathroom and the kitchen did not become for you an eternal problem, mix 1/4 Cup ammonia with a liter of boiling water. Such a solution is the perfect prevention of blockages, as it degreases and cleans the inner surface of the pipe. Prevention is enough to be done every few months.


If you tired to scrub the soap and water stains on the glass in the bathroom or on the walls of a shower enclosure, use window cleaner for the car. It removes even stubborn stains from external and internal surfaces of glass and not leave streaks. In stores you will find a lot of wiper: try Rain-X or Turtle Wax. Wiping them glass, you will not only get rid of soap stains, but also protect the surface.

The smell

Before you take out the trash, look in your refrigerator: if there are old or spoiled food, throw them away without regret. This will save you from an unpleasant smell in the refrigerator.


Next time, before you do the Laundry, use liquid for ease of Ironing, which contains silicone and starch: spray the liquid onto the cloth and manually smooth out the creases. After this procedure, ironed even heavily wrinkled linen will be much easier and faster. If your Laundry is heavily dry, hang it for a few minutes in the bathroom and turn on the hot water. After things hanging for 20 minutes in a steam filled room, they don’t even have to iron.


Not to splash plate of boiling oil while frying meat or sautéing vegetables, use a simple way: cover free burners with pot lids. After cooking you don’t have to clean the surface of the plate, and it will be enough just to put the lid in the dishwasher.


Enter the house rule: the one who last washed in the shower, wipe the tile on the walls in the bathroom. To do this will not be difficult if you will use the scraper for car Windows with rubber surface. This handy item will save you from washing the tiled walls, which for weeks and sometimes months to accumulate soap stains.

Sticky spots

The next time you open a new bottle of liquid (olive oil, honey, jam or syrup), wrap it with a paper towel and secure with rubber band. This job will take you only a minute, but in the future you will get rid of the drops on the table and shelves in the closet will stay clean. Here’s the secret to a fast harvest!


To collect socks in pairs after the Laundry is very tedious and time consuming, they somehow get lost all the time. To avoid this, save the special hangers for socks, which they fasten a pair, and keep them in a container next to the Laundry basket. Before you leave your socks in the basket, attach them to a hanger. If you wash clothes in special linen bags, hangers can be worn before washing. Now your socks will never get lost


Pour into a small glass or a glass bowl of pure ammonia and put it in the cooled oven. Close the oven and go to bed. The next morning you can easily wipe off with a damp sponge stubborn dirt and grime from the surfaces.

According to the materials of Good Housekeeping

Ekaterina Sarycheva

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