9 genius ways to finally deal with lids in the kitchen

February 3, 2017

Because the dirty pile in the closet got.

Use racks for storing CDs

The photo shows an example of storage in a drawer, top view.

Self adhesive hooks

At any convenient for you the door is always possible to fasten a few hooks on the cap size. Sudden decision and very practical. Hint: don’t skimp on the hooks, take the largest with a wide adhesive base. And don’t forget to degrease the bond hooks — alcohol or liquid varnish remover without acetone.

Table dryer

This solution suggests all the time: table dryer, tucked away in the closet, perfect for storing lids.

Use the doors

If your husband or you are handy with a tool, we can also construct a simple nadworny rack. A few brackets, rails and a bit of paint or varnish.

Magnetic strap

A small metal cap can find shelter on a conventional magnetic strap for knives. Use existing, if it lacks space, or hang separate, only for caps.

Rod for curtains from the bathroom

Add special storage for lids in the drawer, you can use a conventional sliding rod for the bathroom. They are sold in all sizes and you probably wouldn’t even have to file. Just paste it breaking.

Jumper across the box

Here’s another way to organize the space, but for this you will need the right tools.

Bar for towels

Again stealing ideas from the bathroom. Most importantly, securely fasten the bar for towels on the wall to help her withstand the weight of the covers.

Vertical stand

And the leader of the hit parade: a vertical strut. If you can’t find a special rack for caps, you’ll approach the magazine. Just make sure before buying that it is durable enough to withstand the weight of the covers.

Photo: ASK ANNA, SIMPLE BITES, Instructables, Stone Pond House, Imperfect Homemaking, Remodelista

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