9 effective remedies for colds, which you will not say of the district pediatrician

July 2, 2016

Even a strong antibacterial or antiviral agents do not always lead to full recovery. About treatment of a cold natural remedies says Tatyana Kovaleva, doctor-phytotherapeutist.

Treatment for colds and flu

Often parents are unable to properly assess the condition of the baby, and I suggest even if mild symptoms of a cold to seek the advice of a doctor. Usually, if the child has no fever and a dry barking cough, and stuffy and runny nose low, the breathing, the child is active, no skin rash and no concomitant chronic disease, to help the body come a little herbal methods, that is, the treatment of colds in children folk remedies .

Plants with biologically active substances, can enhance the body’s defenses, with a destructive effect on the pathogen. I want to note that herbal medicine with SARS, as well as the treatment of colds with home remedies and any other therapy should be individualized, especially in children.

The treatment of colds folk remedies

  1. In the first two days of acute respiratory illness should be encouraged to drink at home collecting medicinal herbs, consisting of lime flowers, Ivan tea, chamomile, raspberry leaf, elder flowers, calendula.
  2. The appearance of sore throat, difficulty in nasal breathing for rinsing a useful collection of St. John’s wort and calendula, or sage and eucalyptus
  3. Good and fast effect SARS is having a hot infusion of the needles (kidney) pine or spruce with honey and lemon.
  4. If there is dry cough, hoarseness, burning sensation behind the breastbone, that will help mother and stepmother, plantain leaf, marshmallow root, licorice, flowers of mullein, the infusion of which is a great folk remedy.
  5. The house is very important to give the child more warm drink. The juice, diluted in equal proportions, boiled water, fruit drinks. Especially useful cranberry juice. Cranberries are rich in pectin, fiber, potassium, calcium, iron and various vitamins of group b, C, PP, organic acids, benzoic acid. Juice and cranberry juice is useful at various inflammations, feverish conditions, enhance stamina, improve digestion. A large number of useful liquid will help flush toxins from the body and speed recovery. This is an excellent tool to treat a cold at home!
  6. In the nose can drip diluted with boiled water 1:1 juice of carrots or beets (1-2 drops in each nostril).
  7. Good and safe therapeutic properties of cold inhalation of garlic. You need to take a small amount jar with lid and chopped 2-3 cloves of garlic. Garlic to put on the bottom of the jar and close the lid for 15-20 min. Then open the jar and breathe it baby for 5 minutes. Do that folk remedy to treat colds quickly should a few times a day, each time changing the garlic.
  8. For the prevention of various viral infections, the recovery of the air in the room can make the orange “hedgehogs”. Some oranges “uticajem” spicy clove buds and spread around the room. Oranges rot and dry out, the air is saturated with essential oils of orange and clove and is healing
  9. For the treatment of cough traditionally used herbs such as aloe, elecampane root, licorice root, ginger. These effective treatment for the common cold used to treat cough with thick, difficult expectoration, possess antiviral, antimicrobial activity. Relieve inflammation, reduce swelling and pain, strengthen the protective functions of the body and ginger has antioxidant, i.e. protects cells from premature aging, prolongs youth, preserves the health. All of these familiar herbs with leaves adhatoda, Indian nightshade, turmeric root, etc. are part of the syrup, “Dr. mom”. The syrup is carefully designed and selected by experienced specialists. The syrup is able to cope not only with hard cough, swelling, inflammation, pain, but also to restore the body’s defenses. The syrup goes well with other methods of treatment of flu and colds. It does not contain alcohol, it can take children from 3 years, the elderly and, of course, all adults. Contraindication is individual intolerance to the components of the syrup, diabetes. When pregnancy is desired the doctor’s advice.

Please note: if you treat the child folk remedies at home but the fever lasts more than 2-3 days, or “jumps”every 2-3 hours, there was difficulty in breathing, dry barking cough, the child is lethargic, inactive, lost appetite, bad, restless sleep is a reason to urgently call a doctor!

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