85-year-old Ivan Krasko plagues a 25-year-old wife jealousy

August 11, 2016

The couple talked about the differences between themselves and the problems in their relationship.

The wedding of 85-year-old Ivan Krasko and 25-year-old Natalia Shevel has become one of the talked-about events of the past year. The couple legalized their relationship in early September in St. Petersburg. The husband and wife paid no attention to the biting reproaches and condemnation of the public, responding to all charges of immorality and loveless marriage because they love each other.

In a recent interview with “Antenna”, the pair spoke about family life and about the problems arising in their relations. Ivan admitted that he is very jealous of his young wife. “To quarrel, to suspect each other, we somehow know. And I’m sorry that sometimes plagued her in all sorts of suspicions where have you been, with whom? This reflects the jealousy that plagues her. But for me it’s a sign of my concern for her. My – I say it openly – love for her. I understand that it seems wrong to be jealous. But at this age it may be natural,” said the actor.

And his wife told about the new addition to the family. She noted that they are not ready for pregnancy, because first she wants to build a successful career to buy my own apartment and after thinking about children. “Just to give birth to the child was? No, I do not like. I can’t give the child nothing but love and knowledge. I and the cat can’t get, but I love animals. But their housing is not, and then the child… But it’s not just financial instability. Selfishness and careerism. Although not without it. But this is only a small fraction of all those reasons. I hope that will come in my life when I Wake up in the morning, I will send all to hell, and say: I can feel it, I want it,” said Natalia.

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