8 tips for those who make repairs in the hall yourself

January 18, 2017

Want to do the repair yourself? It is quite possible. Together with the service design repair “Quadrem” we prepared recommendations that will help to make a competent finish hallway

architect: Victor Joke

do not start repair, not to draw up a detailed plan

Drawing can be done independently, knowing the exact yardage of the hallway. Place a hanger, a mirror, a wardrobe or an Ottoman on a sheet of paper. Ideally, you can draw the project with the help of helper programs available on the Internet. So you will have the opportunity to get to present communications, to distribute lighting and furniture.

Materials should be practical

Then you should think about the materials. Note three things:

· Materials should be moisture-proof, because the hallway most affected by the external environment;

· It is better to prefer light colors, because this room has no natural light source;

· You should choose wear-resistant materials which are easy to clean and will last you a long time.

Remember: on dark from visible dust, light dirt. If there is no possibility and desires to get through the day, be sure to consider the practicality of materials.

Door – key to a single style

Better to buy interior doors of the same series from one manufacturer. To front door combined well with the interior of the hall, its inner lining can be made of transoms interior doors.

You can also put on the front door inner panel from the manufacturer of interior doors from the same collection.

Think what doors opening system is suitable for your apartment. The installation of sliding doors will save space in a small space.

Walls: material, texture, color

The walls in the hallway needs to be not only stylish, but also practical. If you decide to pokleit Wallpaper, then your choice is better to stop on vinyl. They are durable and easy to wash.

Budget option for the walls is painting. It can be monochrome or two-tone. The second option selects the color of one palette or a single color, but different saturation. The lower part of the wall is darker than the top.

The most reliable option – finish hallway wall about a meter from the floor the granite. This material has a rich palette and strong texture, so you will be satisfied with your choice.

The basic rule when selecting colors and textures of the walls in the hallway – try to visually enlarge the space. This contributes to the color white and pastel tones. But if solid walls seem to be boring, you can use design tricks. Vertical stripes on one wall will make the living room visually above, and several horizontal stripes increase the space and add originality. A stylish solution to hallway would be a decorative stone on the walls. More budget option – Wallpaper imitation stone or brick.

The flooring is a single loop space

Stick to a single style. The floors in the hall should be combined with floors in other rooms.

· Laminate or parquet flooring with same skirting will create a common space in the apartment, however, these materials deteriorate from moisture and salt street and require constant care;

· Tiles more reliable. Its main disadvantage is trauma;

· A good solution will be the flooring of granite. This material is wear-resistant and easy to care for.

The floor in the hallway looks harmonious and stylish if it is matched in contrast to the doors and furniture. Light flooring is well suited for small hallways with dark furnishings.

The ceiling, from simple materials to design finds

At first glance it seems that variants of decoration of the ceiling in the hallway not so much. But this is not so.

· Whitewashing is the most usual, simple and cheap, but outdated method. Most harmoniously looks like this ceiling in old houses because it retains the style of the room;

· Painting of ceiling can choose the color and decor of the coating. However, keep in mind that the paint emphasizes all the flaws, so you need to pre-quality to plastered surface;

· Decorative plaster, or painting with texture roller allows you to mask the irregularities;

· Pasting ceiling Wallpaper may look great in a small room. The correct pattern and texture visually expand the space and emphasize interior details;

· Ceiling tile allows for the shortest possible time to create beautiful ceiling, because it does not require additional surface preparation. However, it should be remembered that it reduces the height of the hallway.

If the ceiling is low, it is better to draw in bright colours. If the apartment has high ceiling, then decorate it in the hallway in dark colours, because of this space will be visually more proportional and cozy.

The light is shadowless and enveloping

Entrance hall most often isolated from natural light source, so it is worth considering the following points.

· The level of lighting in the hallway should be like in other rooms so that the space looks harmonious;

· The light must not be too dim or bright to you and your guests do not experience discomfort;

· Great choice – diffused, shadowless light. It is obtained through the use matte shades or directional beams up;

· The presence of several light sources in hallway allows you to maintain lighting at a similar level at any time of the day. In addition, the light accents will add originality to the design.

Anna Zalesskaya

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