8 reasons for the dispute, which was not until you become parents

July 29, 2016

Of course, important changes in life bring with them new joys and new challenges. What can we say about this tremendous news as the birth of the person for whom you both are the answer! It all starts when you choose a baby name (“What? Agrafena? You’re crazy, there is a normal, human names: Diodorus… Veselin… Jadwiga”)… And does not end, like, ever.

1. You him (her) too pampered.

No one was going to turn the nursery into a branch of the Children of the world… I’m only still here this beary buy. And you can’t leave a girl without a new model of “monster obermaster”, it will laugh. And do not put pressure on my conscience, offering half of all this stuff to donate to charity…

2. You’re with her (him) too babysit!

When your toddler stumbles and falls, instinct tells you to grab him in his arms and cover with kisses. And common sense (the voice of the husband) quietly repeats: “All right. Fell — get up, brush yourself off and keep going”.

3. Who last changed a diaper?

No one in their right mind doesn’t dream all day stand, like a conveyor belt, and to change one diaper after another. But where to go?

4. Do I need to call a doctor?

“He’s been hiccupping for five minutes! It is urgent to call an ambulance!” — “Give him a drink of water and everything will pass.” “Yes, what is this rash? It’s the chicken pox!” “Yes it was just one side on the rubber hedgehog!”

5. On what you can save, and what not.

“Yes you buy these mashed potatoes from the “Podushechki” how much you can pay for advertising!” “Yes, and you know what they put in them, since they are so cheap? You don’t care than your own child to feed?”

Although, comparing the total number on the check, you are not so sure they are right…

6. Who is to blame and what to do if a child threw up (literally all around).

“You couldn’t bag him up?” — “And you could not keep them steady, so he isn’t sick?”

7. As a child you can call your ass.

You grew up with the ass, which is sometimes called the TV, or the fifth point, or soft spot. Intelligent your mother loved to screw about “the place where the back loses its noble name.” And from the word on the letter “W” you are still faint. And in the family and your pious morals were simpler… whether more will be when it comes to genitalia…

8. “Lived — not lived”.

You cut the chicken breast in a child’s plate almost into a puree. Husband says: “yeah, you’re still her chew put in the mouth”.

And this is only the beginning. You still have to figure out what time we should start to teach the child to read and write, which school /mugs and sections, to give, to how many to allow to sit in the city and how long to watch TV (sitting at the computer)… in short, good luck to you on the way to a common opinion!

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