8 most attractive Russian actors 50 +

January 31, 2017

After 50 years, they look as never dreamed of many young actors. Agree?

Dmitry Pevtsov, 53

Supports form? “Sports is in my blood”. Since childhood, he studied karate, judo, horse riding. And is still conducting weight training. The best way to maintain health considers swimming. While Dmitry does not refuse to itself food, eats everything, without exception, but in moderation. Fully exclude alcohol and tobacco.

Alexander Domogarov, 53

Supports form? Domogarov has revealed the secret of his youth, confessing that the beauty he owes to the job “lazy fitness on the couch”, but some bloggers claim that it is not without the intervention of a plastic surgeon.

Eugene Dyatlov, 53

Supports form? Adheres to the following philosophy: “you Have to meet a 17-year-old! Now, I don’t feel like an adult, I often want to go for a run, catch up, jump in 17 years, and I don’t stop myself. I think we should be able to keep yourself in shape constantly and not spend the special time and effort, not to divide life at work, fitness, sex, etc When the load is as big as I have now, I have from the ground to pull his physical form.”

Andrei Sokolov, 54

Supports form? Actor because of the tight working schedule is not a lot of time to devote to the sport, but still tries to observe a certain mode. Gym 3 times a week, if the actor in Moscow, is engaged every day in the morning a couple of hours.

Dmitry Kharatyan, 57 years

Supports form? Dmitry neprology there are five rules to keep yourself in great shape:

1. No drinking, no Smoking.

2. To think positively.

3. Not to overeat, to eat moderately and only healthy food: vegetables, fruits, fish (limit sweet, starchy, fatty).

4. To play sports; to go out into the fresh air. Do not forget about water procedures, swimming in the pool. To visit bath, to massage.

5. To sleep. Eight hours of sleep is mandatory!

Yevgeny Mironov, 50 years

Supports form? “Every day I do exercises, – says Eugene. – I was taught Nikita Mikhalkov. Once we went with him to the festival, at the hotel there was a gorgeous pool and gym. Every morning I was swimming, basking in the waves, and saw samoistyazatel yourself at the gym Nikita. Then I decided to follow his example: he tried to play sports, I like it.” In addition, according to the actor, he eats in the morning oat porridge, tea with lemon and honey.

Vladimir Mashkov, 53

Supports form? As it turned out, the actor very carefully watching them, regularly visits the gym and performs exercises on breathing exercises. And carefully watching what she eats, no chips and Pepsi-Cola. Only useful products.

Oleg Menshikov, 56 years

Supports form? Although the actor conceals his secrets from the press, it seems, the secret of his great form is a young wife and tight schedule.

Natalia Ekonomtsev

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