8 misconceptions about conception, which is not necessary to maintain

July 1, 2016

If you have children, or are you just waiting for the heir, we often believe in these myths and be disappointed when reality is much more prosaic.

Myth: if you have sex on day 14 after menstruation, you will definitely get pregnant.

Truth: this would be true for a perfect, mathematically correct world in which every cycle lasts exactly 28 days. For most women, however, it is not. Don’t put all the, uh, eggs in one basket one day. And do not assume that you are already safe on, say the 22nd day.

Myth: if you conceived the first child, each subsequent conception will be even more easy.

Truth: of course Not. Your body is changing, and barriers to conception can occur at any time. But more often the reverse is true: after a difficult first conception later are easier.

Myth: until you’re 35, you can get pregnant easier.

Truth: Yes, fertility really drops sharply after age 35, but that doesn’t mean that young women all as one can conceive easily. The best age for conception in the modern world changes in the direction of increasing age, and is now for European women in the period of 23-25 years.

And not always the onus is on the woman. Low quality of sperm make conception impossible at any age.

Myth: the conception of the desired orgasm.

Truth: this may help but is not necessary. Uterine contractions help the sperm to slip through the fallopian tubes faster. But PEP will cope without this support.

Myth: Alcohol interferes with the conception and leads to the birth of freaks.

The Truth Is: Yes. Only if you drink regularly. One glass of champagne before sex has no impact neither on the child nor on the chance of conception. But if you’re in tonight get drunk until you’re blue — you may experience problems with conception and pregnancy.

Myth: certain positions help to increase the chance of conception.

The truth is: They have no meaning. Cervical mucus is such a good conductor for sperm that the position at conception is not important from the word “quite”.

Myth: sex is necessary to do every day to increase your chances.

The Truth: No. If sex does not coincide with the window of ovulation, it does not lead to conception. Know and love a calendar of their monthly cycle, comrade!

Myth: if you get pregnant in the beginning of the cycle, you will have a girl.

The Truth: No. The child’s gender can affect only treatment for IVF, and in any other way. No food, no phase of your cycle or the moon do not influence it in any way. Bed twist “across magnetic fields” is also meaningless.

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