8 above, by which men are messing with our brains

February 2, 2017

And they do it absolutely brilliantly. But forewarned is forearmed and able to defend itself. No need to thank. It is better to tell about it to friends.

Wait for me, and I will be back!

Absolutely classic: we can’t stand uncertainty (and who can anymore?), marinated so men us in anticipation right from the beginning of the relationship. He gives you his phone and you wait, and when he’ll call? And while you wait — think about it. And if you all the time I think about it, it becomes for you as something very valuable. Elementary trap into which we all fall. Say to yourself: “don’t think about it!” is the same as not to think about the white monkey. Impossible! But it is possible to think about something else and, in General, to do business. It works.

NLP for dummies

“I’m not ready,” he says. “Don’t fall in love with me!” he says. “I’m not sure that we are doing the right thing,” he says. Knowing that the particle “not” our brain skips past. So you hear: “I’m ready”, “I believe”, “fall in love with me!” And he is not to blame, if that. He warns that it is NOT, you all have come up with themselves. If you hear too many “don’t” turn on the inverter ponder what he says to you, in other words. All will become clear soon.

Honey, I’m taking you to the edge of the Universe, I’ll give you this star!

Remember the wonderful cartoon by Fyodor Khitruk, in which the unfortunate heroine is all scrubbed and scrubbed the pan until her cute singing her song about the star that lit their way to infinity? Now, this is it. Empty promises — the most primitive way to manipulate a woman, but it somehow works — sometimes. We suspect that in cases when you don’t really need what sings sweet-voiced manipulator. Let him sing — all entertainment. It is important not to play too: manipulation primitive and stupid, so dumb ass we need to kick out when bored. With this the black sheep and the tuft is not nastrizhesh.

You have only one, like the moon in the night

And there is no other one, of course. All around the stupid chicken, one you’re a smart woman. All ugly, but you incarnate the ideal of beauty. He was incredibly lucky, because all of his ex — greedy witches, monkeys with grenades, kvočka, logs and fallen women. Remember, he praises you and licking your boots just so you have fallen into addiction. Vanity — the same sin, on the hook we caught instantly. Just imagine for a moment that you broke up: ready to be a sitting duck, a witch or the horror of a fool? But, when he would start to pour honey into some other ear.

Applied telepathy

Another way of male manipulation against women to read minds. Well, in any case, you find that the man mastered clairvoyance, because it will behave like you really know what you’re thinking. First, he will say something like, “You know that deep down I agree, I know!” Then I will move on from words to deeds: rent for a week the lake house, although you wanted to go to sea, and say, “What’s wrong? You wanted me to!” No, you would not, moreover, he never asked. He wanted a week of fishing, so got myself a wonderful vacation, but will submit it as if it was your idea. Just you to make it was embarrassed. And after all, he is you would be offended, which is interesting. Deceived him! Wanted one, thought about something else!

You owe me, but I forgive you!

If the man begins to give you gifts, to offer help or is going to entertain you every day in restaurants, you know — it’s a man’s manipulation. You are beautiful, no doubt, but the days of Cleopatra were, you know. And if your feet every day leave gifts — it’s not because you are so beautiful, but because you probably feel I owe you. And you can take cushy. The sense of duty is our middle I know.

I thought, that’s not you, I thought you were different…

Not that all these materialistic soulless predator, Yes. He thought that you illumine his life in pink light, and you are unable. Did not meet expectations! So he is now poor kitty: wipe foot avaricious man’s tear and leave into the sunset. And you, of course, will run after him, shouting: “come Back, my love, I’ll change and become good!” That he actually wanted. Attention, question: and you give him what promised to be an “a”? Bet: no, not promised.

Can I be your friend?

They say that friendship between a man and a woman is impossible. But this is a myth, of course. A myth invented by yesterday’s students, whose hormones still rage, and they believe that heterosexual beings can only interact in two ways: either they mate or one of them is awaiting a convenient moment to turn to the second pairing. In adults, it’s a little different, and the man could be friends with a woman. But he never will be friends right. Friendship or being born as if by itself, or not. Become a friend of “with permission” is impossible. So, if you agree, please accept this as a fact: you lived in his house of the vampire, which sits under the bed and wait for the right moment to grab you in the throat. I mean, he realized that he did not Shine right now, so waiting for the right time in the friend zone.


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