7 ways of economical utilization of appliances

September 7, 2016

Want to reduce costs on your energy bill? We offer the most simple and universal ways to save from the experts of PJSC GC TNS Energo, Boris Semenenko

    New technique long-term savings

New appliances consumes up to 2 times less energy than those produced in the beginning of the two thousandth. If you choose new appliances, be sure to pay attention to the energy class: it should not be below category (A), which will help to save up to 35% of electricity.

Devices of category (A+) and (++) save up to 50% of electricity, and category (A+++) – more than 75 % of electricity. Appliances of this class originally marketed as energy saving.

    Savings in the kitchen


The main enemy of the kettle is limescale, which can be removed by boiling water in it with a small amount of citric acid. With daily use it is not necessary to fill the kettle up to the maximum of unused water in it cools, and you have to reheat it again, spending even more energy. The capacity of the kettle is 1.5÷2 kW, which accounts for a significant share of total energy consumption.

Electric Stove

When using the appliance the hob must be clean, and to cook and warm food is better under the hood. If the bottom of the pot does not match the size of the burner, you will waste up to 10% of electricity unnecessarily, and the dishes dirty or deformed bottom half is able to reduce the efficiency of consumed electricity. To reduce cooking time food you can almost by one third, if during cooking to allow the liquid to evaporate, reducing the capacity of the burner after boiling.


The refrigerator is best set in the shady and cool place of the room, away from stoves, radiators and heating. If you are not using one of the cameras one compressor of refrigerator, extra compressor you can simply disable. Also the fridge should be regularly defrosted.

    Savings in washing and cleaning

When using washing machines and dishwashers must strictly adhere to the instructions in part download. Wrong program selected, maybe a third to reduce the effectiveness of the use of such equipment.

    Saving when Ironing

To save energy when Ironing it is not necessary to dry the washed clothes – otherwise it will be harder for longer to smooth out. Also directly on the Ironing Board, you can put a sheet of aluminum foil, which will effectively reflect the heat of the iron and keep it in a fabric-to-iron clothes.

    Savings when cleaning

When choosing a new vacuum cleaner try to give preference to cleaning vacuum cleaners – they are cheaper than conventional. If you have a regular vacuum cleaner frequently clean the dust bag and filters: the growing resistance to the movement of air quickly lead to additional costs of electricity.

Insidious standby

Appliances is to unplug when not in use – so you can save up to 10% of all consumed electricity, as well as to enhance the safety of your home. TV, computer, music center, often for days are idle – they are full off will help to avoid unnecessary costs, extend service life and reduce the risk of an accident.

Night mode

Install modern energy-accounting counters that are programmable to work in different areas and time of day. They are also able to register and keep in memory the daily load curve, as a result of analysis, it is possible to draw a valid conclusion about the choice of option prices (tariffs). You will pay less not only for dishwasher and washing machine at night, but will also reduce your energy costs that the clock consumes household appliances, such as refrigerator.

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