7-salon treatment, which can save money, and make homes

September 28, 2016

Salon care usually requires imposing financial costs. Nevertheless, there are certain procedures that you, without prejudice to their appearance, can easily repeat at home and save a decent amount.

A trip to the beauty salon often turn out to be a lot more costly than you originally expected. Even if your intention is to simply trim the ends of your hair, it should only be in the chair in front of the mirror, as there are many temptations. “And can you make a skin mask?”, “Wash head miracle shampoo?”, “Let’s not meet a Hairdryer and a Curling iron?” — all these questions must ask the stylist.

But try to control myself and read about procedures that do not necessarily in the cabin. You and the house to deal with them, not worse!


You may have forgotten the time when an excellent job with the manicure at home by yourself! I have no doubt that to follow the nail you started in high school, and it is unlikely you have had the opportunity to visit the salons. If you want to save, then “pull the old” — buy a quality manicure set and nail take care of yourself. Surely you can gently push back the cuticle, remove burrs and file nails without the help of a professional.


Typically, beauty salons offer hair treatments using professional masks. One such procedure will cost you at least 500 rubles, while you can just purchase the tool itself, in consultation with the stylist. One roll is enough for several months of use at home. And one more argument in favor of this approach: the hair care should be systematic, and not from case to case.


For the removal of persistent coatings Shellac salons take from 300 rubles, while you can do it at home yourself. For this purpose, suitable and conventional liquid nail Polish remover, but we suggest to spend money once on a special “remover” — with her less you’ll damage the nails. The algorithm of actions is very simple — you need to cut into small pieces of cotton pad, soaked them in the liquid, put on each nail and wrap fingers with foil for 10 minutes. Then just clean off the coating with a wooden stick.


Waxing is another salon service that can be quite costly. The jar of wax and strips will cost in the amount of cheaper than once to do the hair removal from the master. Not less effective and another option instead of wax, use an epilator, which you have long been gathering dust on the shelf. The procedure will take more time than hair removal with wax, but requires less skill. However, if you are of the brave ones and not willing to cause yourself the pain (Oh, we know what it is!), then, of course, it is best to contact the salon.

Salon facial treatments at home: cleansing

Contactless cleaning of the face can easily be replaced by a special electric brush for home use. These devices have earned our trust — the brush helps to effectively cleanse the skin, get rid of oily sheen and small scars. Significant effect will appear after 2-3 weeks, if you regularly use the gadget. For comparison, the cleaning person in the salon in Moscow will cost 3500 rubles, and the Clarisonic brush is worth 8 thousand rubles — this is a good investment. By the way, similar devices of other brands,Braun or Philips, it will cost and even cheaper!


The wrapping procedure is one of the most popular ways to fight cellulite. As in the case of hair care in the salon, based on the wraps is not the professionalism of the master, and a quality cosmetic. There are several types of wraps that can really make the skin more toned and elastic, and you can easily cope with this task without assistance. Instead of spend money on going to the salon, get the right drug and throw a SPA party at home. Can and friends to call!


Eyebrow shaping — this is the kind of care that you want to make the master only once. Then you just have to not be lazy, to pluck extra hairs, while retaining the form created by the stylist. Moreover, you can purchase the paint, coming up in shade, and tinting eyebrows on your own. Believe me, to save money without compromising the appearance is not difficult! Photo: Pixbay

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