7 reasons you feel tired in your own home

July 1, 2016

Home – the place where we energize, relax the soul and body, get positive emotions. If you notice that this does not happen, it is necessary to analyze the situation. Perhaps something in the house is not arranged quite right. Understand together with the TV channel Fox Life.

1. Incorrect temperature mode

If the house during the heating season, too hot or, on the contrary, cold and possibly wet, it affects your health. You are not comfortable, you sweat during the simplest work at home all the time or want to wrap myself up warmly. Think about what you can do to maintain a stable comfortable temperature in the house. Maybe you will save the installation of air conditioning, which works both for heat and cooling. Also always handy to be able to adjust the temperature of the batteries in the rooms. Install thermostats on the radiators, the equipment will influence the microclimate in the house. In addition to maintaining temperature balance, the temperature controllers allow you to optimize the expenses on payment of housing services.

2. The lack of fresh air

At home we spend a lot of time, sometimes can spend the whole day without leaving the street. Meanwhile, the room is filled with a variety of scents – and not very pleasant. At home we cook, use different aerosols, even sometimes paint and glue. This cocktail of scents affect our mood and health. Hence tip number one: regularly ventilate the apartment! In the rooms where at the moment no one, leave the Windows open on “winter ventilation”. Sure to ventilate the bedroom before going to sleep or (if you are comfortable) leave the window ajar. You will notice that during the night rest much better.

3. A lot of small parts

Try to remember your feeling, when you just started to live in the house. Then it was half empty, and perhaps you were lacking a bit, but there was a sense of space. Over time we acquire things, many of which we don’t need, but memorable. Try to look at your home with fresh eyes. Get rid of what are easy to leave (if a pity to throw away, give someone things really need) and do some rearranging, freeing up the living room at least one wall.

4. Mess

To maintain order in the apartment, where there are small children, difficult. But you can take several steps to ensure that the structure is a mess and to begin to deal with them systematically. First, let’s look at those places where constantly accumulate things. Usually in the same place accumulate invoices and other papers, in the other – gloves, scarves and hats, the corridor often “grows” numerous shoes, and baby toys just scattered around the house. Buy file folders to store all the accounts, get on an attic or the top shelf of the cabinets off-season shoes, purchase convenient basket for things in the corridor, as well as boxes or hanging baskets for toys with these children without your help can remove. Throw away already-read magazines, broken crockery, broken or outdated equipment (if you have not used something for over two years, is this not evidence that, without this technique, you do an excellent job).

5. Uncomfortable bedroom

The bedroom simply has to be the most comfortable place in the house, because here we have a rest and restore forces. If not, try to approach the layout of the room Feng Shui. Even if you think that this system is “not working”, still draw a new image of the bedroom – maybe you’ll like it more than the current. For example, according to Feng Shui is very important to correct the location of the bed. It is important to put it to avoid the factors negatively influencing sleep and rest, and the relationship of people sleeping together. For example, you cannot put the bed so that the feet were clearly directed at the door, to the bed reflected in the mirror; that it was sent to an acute angle of a wall or large object; to the head of the bed was located by the window. If you can not rearrange the bed to get rid of some negative factors, you can use curtains or screens to isolate the problem and remove its negative influence.

6. Dim lighting

The lack of sun and fatigue, we are particularly aware in the winter. It affects our mood and health. Consider additional niche lighting in the house so there was enough light. It needs to create comfort and to harmonize the space of the house.

7. Wrong color of the walls

In the choice of colors for the walls need to take into account the many nuances: what time the room gets natural light; who is she; what areas you want to highlight. Give preference to natural colors and, if possible, check with your designer to help you choose the right palette. The color of the walls is able to suppress or rather to excite, influence our mood and even health, to create a psychological feeling of warmth or cold, anxiety or total tranquility and relaxation.

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