67-year-old Alla Pugacheva showed looks like without makeup

August 1, 2016

The singer boasted a photo without makeup. According to fans, the 67-year-old star looks incredibly fresh and young.

Alla Pugacheva in recent times proves to the audience that is integral artist who achieved incredible heights that do not care about the opinion of the press and detractors. It is from the middle of last year, actively engaged: the singer has lost more than 20 pounds and much younger.

His change in appearance Diva often brags by posting on his page in Instagram pictures with concerts and various events. And recently, star struck fans, showing a picture without makeup. This publication is just a few minutes scored a record number of likes and comments, and was immediately publicized by the press.

Subscribers Pugacheva was pleasantly surprised by the boldness of 67-year-old actress – after all, not every 30-year-old celebrity can venture to show themselves without embellishment. But there were those who criticized the act of Alla criticism, noting that the singer is not something to brag about and she has similar photos to share only with close people and not to put on public display. However, it is worth noting that well-wishers and advocates of this publication was more than angry critics.

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