6 useful applications of cling film in your kitchen

January 20, 2017

Of course, she is beautiful to package and preserve the freshness of the products. But, I bet you are not even aware of all its opportunities?

Save bananas

If you wrap stretch film the spine of the banana or the whole bunch of bananas, they will ripen slowly and will not darken prematurely

The repair

Brushes and rollers can not rinse and leave them fresh until morning, if at night to wrap them in foil.

Instead of masking tape

If you just wrap complex surfaces: handle faucets, wall lamps, etc. with stretch film in the repair, you do not have to clean up after them from dust and drops of paint.

The trip

If you remove the cap from the shampoo in and cover the neck of the bottle with foil, and then cover with a cap shampoo will not leak in a suitcase. This applies to any cosmetic liquids.

Cook the poached egg

Pull the film on the pan, so that it slightly SAG in the center. Grease or spray it with vegetable oil. Break one egg into the center of the film.
Now gather the tape over the edges and tighten the bag with a knot or pinch clip.

Dip in boiling water for 5 minutes and you’re done!

Clean refrigerator

Pull the film on every shelf of the refrigerator and then you don’t have to clean it. Just once a month or as needed to change the film.

According to the materials of Good Housekeeping

Ekaterina Sarycheva

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