6 tricks perfect sleep. Everything is in your hands!

January 30, 2017

Suffering from lack of sleep almost every modern Urbanite. And all the while the secrets of healthy sleep are right next to us.

To begin, decide how much you need to sleep. The correct answer is as many hours as you need. When you yourself Wake up and no longer want sleep. It may be 7 or even 10 hours. And that’s fine. But the mode of life will have to adjust for your features.

Sleep is most important. Take it for a rule. No movies, no news, no homework children are not worth your lack of sleep. All tomorrow, all with a fresh mind. The Internet in bed with evil, you remember?

Start the ritual. At a certain point you set aside all the gadgets, forget about all daily Affairs and go to the bathroom to relax. Shower or washing, bath petals – your choice. Your ritual of switching to sleep. At this time, nobody has the right to disturb.

Take care of silence. Soundproofing bedrooms as well as, for example, orthopedic pillow “anti-snore” snoring for your partner — all for the sake of silence.

Buy a large bed, good linen and mattresses. High density weave fabric for linen is mandatory. So your body will receive signals from the relaxation of smooth linen, and sleep will be deeper.

Fresh air. Take care of the ventilation and humidification of the air in the room. It is the purity of the night breathing depends on the quality of your sleep.

In fact, everything. No other secrets of your healthy holiday does not exist. Good night.

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Ekaterina Sarycheva

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