6 secrets of girls whose hair always look perfect

December 27, 2016

Of course, they got lucky with genetics, but proper care is no less important!

1. They are cut from the pros

To hairstyle looked gorgeous, it should match your facial features, face, hair structure, to consider the speed of their growth, and methods of installation. Professional stylist always takes into account all the factors before suggesting a new form or color. So do not skimp on the barbershop.

2. They properly wash your hair

Cool water (high — water at room temperature) and observing the sequence: wet the hair, pour the shampoo in your palm, lather it in the palms, apply on hair roots, massage gently,quickly spread throughout the length and rinse. And the only way!

3. They cause the air conditioning to wash the hair

And thus solve both problems at once: the hair will be easy to comb,but will not become fat and will not get dirty faster. But will Shine!

4. They cleanse the scalp

Healthy scalp — healthy hair. To efficiently and safely clean root zone microparticle styling, dirt, dust and other debris once a week they moisten a cotton swab with tea tree oil and separating the hair parted in the middle,traversed across the surface of the scalp.

5. They rarely brush their hair

The less you fumble the hair so they are healthier and more beautiful. All these myths about 100 brushes a day is outdated! Trichologists are convinced that the less you touch the hair the better.

6. They choose organic

Organic paints are not only harmful to the hair but also take care of them, making it more dense, thick and shiny. Modern means to cope with the task not worse,but better than chemical, so there’s no reason to make a different choice.


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