6 graceful ways to keep pictures of your child

August 1, 2016

Children’s drawings differ in two ways. They usually cause tenderness of the parents only and do not represent artistic value no one else.

It is easy to fix, giving them a slightly more adult design. And instead store them in an attic or in a drawer, you will be able to make a personal exhibition in the nursery.


Good when the images have non-standard format and three-dimensional elements of an application.

Figures it makes sense to cover the spray varnish from the art store. So they last longer and don’t fade, and the dust of them to wash can be, without damage. Especially if the volume figure used real objects like leaves, flowers or cotton balls.


The most economical option, allowing you to quickly change the exposure of children exhibition.


A more elegant option that combines the advantages of the two previous solutions. Fit an insert in frame under glass with a cloth to give texture. Fasten the clips on the frame.


You can scan and print all the drawings in a reduced form and do a collage of them.


In fact, the advanced version with clothespins, which looks stylish.


You can cut baguette frames of colored paper and pin them directly to the Wallpaper. Drawings can be hung on the pins.

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