57-year-old mother Victoria Lopyreva looks like the same age as friends of 33-year-old daughter

August 10, 2016

A celebrity showed a photo from vacation in Monaco, where she and her friends in short shorts posing for the camera. In the picture near lopyrevoy is her 57-year-old mother, who took one of the young friends of the star.

Victoria Lopyreva often pleases fans on social networks own photos. Celebrity regularly shares photos with guests and social events, which she usually wears seductive clothes. But despite the openness, the winner of the title “Miss Russia – 2003” rarely shows strangers his family.

However, Victoria recently celebrated its 33rd birthday in Greece. On this occasion, the birthday girl threw a noisy party on the yacht. A few days later after the celebration Lopyreva went to Monaco, where together went with her and her friends. This became known through the publication of star Network.

A celebrity posted a picture of her in short shorts with a glass of champagne in hand posing in front of the camera surrounded by other girls. Fans were shocked by the picture, but most of them are surprised by the fact that, next to Victoria in the picture captured her 57-year-old mother Irina, which subscribers lopyrevoy taken one of her friends. The woman looks so young and fresh, and has such a perfect figure that it is impossible to imagine that she just turned 57 years old.

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