50-year-old Irina Saltykova bikini looks 20 years younger

August 10, 2016

The singer amazed fans with new photos with the rest of the sea. In the pictures it shows a perfect figure. According to subscribers, a 50-year-old star looks at least 20 years younger.

Irina Saltykova in may celebrated a birthday – she turned 50 years old. To celebrate half a century of the date she decided in one of the restaurants in Monaco, where he had gone on holiday. Celebrity did not hide the details of his time in warm edges and placed in the social network are some photos from the vacation, which created a furor among her fans. Members of the singer was amazed at how incredibly youthful-looking 50-year-old Irina.

And recently the singer shared pictures from holiday in Sardinia, where she enjoys summer days on the yacht. The artist with pleasure shows as time and publishes a lot of photos. But the greatest delight among her fans called the photo, which she sealed in a white bikini. Users have been amazed by the slim and toned figure in a 50-year-old celebrity.

“Irina, you are right girl!” “Irina, I admire You! You just know the secret of youth!”, “I want to look 40! Well Done Irina! Beauty!”, “This is incredible! How do you manage to look so young at 50?! You have rejuvenating apples?” – wrote fans. Many subscribers wondered how the artist manages to keep such a perfect figure. Irina did not remain silent, as do other celebrities, and replied. She told me that she does not like fatty and salty foods.

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