5 ways faster to gather in the morning

July 1, 2016

Morning hours and minutes are the hardest. How to do everything and not to be late? Read tips from the television channel Fox Life.

Tip 1

Agree with the household that they will put their alarm clocks (and, accordingly, to get up) at different times. For example, a difference in five minutes. This will save your apartment from “morning commute”. While the father is taking a shower and a daughter looking for clothes, the son can begin to eat Breakfast. To the one who gets up before everyone else, wasn’t hurt – he may get some advantage: for example, to watch a cartoon in the morning. And you can just change one today, got up early, tomorrow another. By the way, if whoever got out first, immediately put the kettle on and turn on the kitchen light music, all of it will be very grateful.

Tip 2

Do not use sharp and unpleasant ringing of the alarm clock or cheerful tunes – many children and adults they immediately spoil the mood, and morning fees delayed. Choose, first, the mode for gradually increasing the volume, and secondly, gentle and calm composition – say, the sounds of nature – forests, waves, rain, or birds chirping, or even just “white noise”. A calm attitude will quickly feel your energy come back. Immediately turn on a bright overhead light is not worth, start with floor lamps or table lamps or install a dimmer for regulating the brightness of the light.

Tip 3

Keep calm though, of course, in the morning rush it is difficult. But the more you each other adjust, the worse everyone’s mood. The more precious minutes wasted on conflict and squabbles, the slower moving charges. Agree that all claims to each other you carry for the evening (you can write to not to forget), and in the morning I only and easy. How to start the morning

Tip 4

Anything you can cook in the evening, it is better to cook in the evening. Kids don’t just lay on a chair, and spread out in order: what you need to wear over – top. Briefcases and bags are Packed. Cups and plates on the table, too, can be deliver immediately. And even to prepare tea bags or instant coffee. Grits in the pot too you can pour the night before. The slow cooker is the perfect solution, she will cook porridge or make a cheesecake right to your lift.

Tip 5

Arrange near the front door convenient and not too much storage space, which will serve as a “control” – it can be a dresser or shelf. Here, all your family members will be in the evening to put the fact that it is important not to forget when leaving the house: documents bags to indoor shoes and sports uniforms, necessary textbooks. On the door hang the poster where depending on the time of year, write two or three most important points – what exactly should not forget children and adults. For example: “Phone, keys, mittens”.

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